Cash Money Vs. DJ Drama In Lawsuit, “This Ain’t No Game Over Here” [Video]

Cash Money Vs. DJ Drama In Lawsuit, “This Ain’t No Game Over Here” [Video]

Cash Money Records has reportedly filed a lawsuit against DJ Drama‘s Aphilliates Music Group and Makin Moves Entertainment over mixtape projects including Lil Wayne‘s Dedication series.

While details are still sketchy, the lawsuit names multiple parties aside from the Atlanta deejay.

“Plaintiff Cash Money Records Inc., by its attorneys, Goldberg & Rimberg PLLC and The Law Firm of Candance C. Carponter, P.C., for its Complaint against defendant, BCD Music Group, Inc., Tyree C. Simmons a.k.a. DJ Drama, Cinque Productions, Inc., Aphilliates Music Group, Makin Moves Entertainment and Frank Nino,” the suit reads. Filed in New York in February 2009, a jury trial has been demanded with defendants having 35 days to answer the complaint. The suit names mixtape albums Happy Father’s Day, When the North and South Collide, Dedication (Chopped & Screwed), Dedication 2 and Dedication 3. (Court Documents)

Makin Music’s Frank Nino has confirmed the lawsuit and has since given his thoughts.

“This ain’t no game over here, this is Cash Money Records,” Nino says in a video referring to the lawsuit. “Y’all gonna sue DJ Drama? If it wasn’t for Drama y’all would not be poppin’ right now. From Carter II to Carter III, Drama kept y’all alive. When that Dedication II hit the stores, the streets, whatever you wanna call it, the sh*t had you on fire. Every deejay followed suit and put mad music out on you…Let’s say Drama made money off it, so what, let Drama eat. Without that f*cking situation with the Dedications, y’all wouldn’t even be poppin’.” (Makin Moves TV)

Drama has since responded to the lawsuit saying it has not had an impact on his relationship with Weezy.

“The accusations against me are misplaced,” Drama said in a statement. “This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good.” (XXL Mag)

Wayne has also filed a lawsuit against Digerati Holdings and QD3 Entertainment over a “scandalous portrayal” of him in a Sundance documentary earlier this year.

The suit charges that Bernie Madoff‘s movie production company promised to give Lil Wayne approval over the final cut, but they didn’t. And instead they presented an attempted scandalous “documentary” at Sundance. And to get into all of this, Wayne’s lawyers decided to lead their complaint with Bernie Madoff, drawing some bizarre connection that we now live in the age of people conning other people. Probably the most interesting thing is that one of the defendants is Quincy Jones’ son, Quincy Delight Jones III. The papers also state he uses the pseudonym QD3. (Radar Online)

While financial damages have yet to be revealed, he is citing breach of contract.

The 26-year-old artist allowed Digerati Holdings and QD3 Entertainment to shoot a docu-film about him. The movie company, in turn, promised to give him approval over the final cut. In early December last year, the companies screened the film for Lil Wayne’s manager, who advised them to remove objectionable content from the film. They sent another clip in January to the manager for review and approval. The manager once more demanded that all objectionable content be removed. Instead of doing so, they allegedly presented a “scandalous portrayal” of the rapper at Sundance without his approval. (All Headline News)

No further information has yet been released on the lawsuits.

Check out Frank Nino discussing the lawsuit below:

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