“Cash Money Saw I Knew Who I Was & What Lane I Made”

“Cash Money Saw I Knew Who I Was & What Lane I Made”

[With Wednesday’s news of reality star Paris Hilton teaming up with Birdman’s growing music empire, Cash Money’s Jay Sean tells SOHH readers about the label’s knack for taking chances and winning.]

If you look at the Cash Money roster, they have developed and nutured some of the most prolific artists that are out there.

Just look at who all is out right now with Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne plus Tyga. You just have all of these cats that are just hitting the scene and consistently killing the scene. Cash Money has an eye for talent and artists who know who they are.

Drake is Drake. Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. Nicki Minaj is Nicki Minaj. Tyga is Tyga. We all do what we do and we all do it brilliantly. We all have our own specific sound and our own specific style and our own craft.

I know when they signed me, they were like, “Yo, we see what this guy is doing. He’s killing it internationally. He’s got fan bases around the world yet he was not a big name yet here in America. We want him here in America.”

That’s what Cash Money was very smart for. They also saw that I knew who I was and what lane I made. I did make my own lane and even though up until now I’ve been their pop side of the label, they’ve never really had that before they signed me.

I think that’s one of the most amazing things. When I talked to Baby, I just remember thinking how street smart that was. He’s like, “Yo, Jay, man, you do you. Keep on doing what you do because that’s worked for you and it’s going to keep working for you.”

They don’t tell me, “Yo, we need you to do this. We need you to work with that person.” They’re just like, “Yo, do you love your album? We love this album because we know you love it.”

Baby texts me all the time saying, “Yo, I just want you to know your album is incredible.” That’s what’s so amazing. They live with stuff and they believe in it.

Considered one of the first artists to start the new British Invasion in United States in recent years, and the only British born urban artist to go #1 in America, multi-platinum selling Jay Sean has had three internationally known albums, Me Against Myself, My Own Way, and All Or Nothing, as well as five consecutive top 40 Billboard singles, “Down,” “Do You Remember,” “I Made It (Cash Money Hero’s),” “2012” and “Hit the Lights.” The London born artist started songwriting at the early age of 13, which spawned from his love of Hip Hop and R&B including soul singers, Boyz II Men, Mary J. Blige and Stevie Wonder. By the time his debut album released in 2004, his small group of London supporters grew to be a global fan base. It wasn’t until after the release of his second album and international hit “Ride It,” that Cash Money CEO Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams took note. He was signed as the first British artist on the label, and his debut single became Cash Money’s first Billboard Hot 100 number one single. Since 2009, Jay Sean has sold a remarkable 12+ Million singles and has collaborated on tracks with Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams (Written On Her/Like This Like That) as well as chart topping label mates, Lil Wayne (Down/Hit the Lights), Nicki Minaj (2012 It Ain’t the End) and Tyga (Sex 101). In April 2012, Jay digitally released “I’m All Yours” featuring Pitbull to much critical acclaim, and top 10 chart positions in many territories.

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