Cash Money Reunion Still In Works, Says Rap-A-Lot CEO

Cash Money Reunion Still In Works, Says Rap-A-Lot CEO

Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince has revealed that Juvenile’s next album is set to be released through his company and that he hopes to be involved in a Cash Money reunion.

According to Prince, his relationship with Cash Money Records co-owner Baby may pay off in the form of the entire camp headed to Rap-A-Lot.

“We don’t have a title for [Juvenile’s album] yet,” Prince said in an interview. “He has a real exciting single that I’m real crazy about. If I have it my way, the whole Cash Money crew is gonna be on there. They were family in the beginning, and I look at it and view ‘em as family now. And my relationship with Baby and Slim is superb. You know, we’re all business men. So there’s no reason we can’t come together and make that happen.” (The Source)

Last June, Juvenile said Lil Wayne‘s incarceration on a gun conviction delayed a Hot Boys reunion.

“I really want to do that,” Juvie said about a reunion. “You know if it were left up to Juvie we would do it right now man, But you can’t do no Hot Boys songs without everyone present and that’s the thing you got to have everyone present to make it work. I just need the information so I can write him. I’ve been need to get an address so I can write him.” (All Hip Hop)

In October 2009, Juve spoke with SOHH about the delayed reunion.

“I like this question, I like this question,” Juvie admitted. “I’ve been talking to Baby, man. I’ve talked to Baby, he’s real behind doing the Hot Boys album thing. He done came at me three times but the whole thing was and I wanna be truthful to everybody, it was me and him talking. Me and Wayne was cool. Me and B.G. was cool, all of us was cool but I really had to talk to Baby. We had to put everything out on the table and settle our differences and that was something we’d never done. And I can honestly say it’s been done now so y’all can definitely be looking forward to that album. It’s coming. It’s confirmed [laughs] I got a check already. I always say that when people ask like, ‘Man, they already paid me on the Hot Boys album,’ so you know, with me, I’m already in. It’s just a matter of everybody else being in. I don’t think it would be right if we left Mannie Fresh out. Don’t you think? He was the producer, he did all the music for Hot Boys, so we gotta have him involved, if he don’t do the whole album [then] he gotta do something on there.” (SOHH)

Juve’s last album, Beast Mode, dropped in summer 2010.

Former Hot Boys member Juvenile’s Beast Mode also landed on the chart at No. 58. With a week to his name, the rapper’s new album has sold 6,600 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out J. Prince speaking on Cash Money below:

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