Cash Money Records Producer Sues Label For $2.25 Million

Cash Money Records Producer Sues Label For $2.25 Million

Former Cash Money Records associate Tristan “T Mix” Jones has sued the label for over $2 million in damages for an alleged breach of contract.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed in Louisiana last week.

In a federal lawsuit, Jones claims he signed an exclusive production contract with Cash Money Records in November 2005. In exchange for Jones’ exclusive production services, Jones says Cash Money promised to pay production royalties on the suggested retail list price. Jones says Cash Money owes him at least $2.25 million, but has paid him only about $187,000. Jones seeks damages for breach of contract in Federal Court. (Courthouse News Service)

The producer has nearly two years of work found on various Cash Money album releases.

He states his work with the label between 2005 and 2007 yielded more than 40 master recordings included on at least four Cash Money records including Tha Carter 2, Birdman‘s 2005 solo album Fast Money, and the Wayne/Birdman joint album Like Father Like Son. Among T Mix’s production credits is “I Run This,” the Lil’ Wayne-assisted third single from the 2007 Birdman album 5 * Stunna. (All Hip Hop)

Cash Money Records founders Baby and Slim were recently featured on CNBC’s “NEWBOs: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass” documentary.

“You know having money brings on a lot of greed a lot of different type[s] of people but [as] far as the family and us being able to get out the project buy houses for our moms and cars and put money up for our kids,” Baby said in a statement. “That was the American Dream. That made me appreciate it more than anything, that I could set a new tone for my children. They don’t have to grow up how I grew up.” (NPR)

The duo founded Cash Money Records in 1991.

Baby is the co-founder, CEO and a recording artist on the Cash Money label. He is frequently referred to as Lil Wayne’s father, but he is more of a surrogate father, having taken the young rapper under his wing and signing him to his label when Wayne was 12. (MTV)

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