Cash Money Isn’t Trying To Flip Busta Rhymes’ Mode, Promises Birdman

Cash Money Isn’t Trying To Flip Busta Rhymes’ Mode, Promises Birdman

Cash Money Records’ Birdman has opened up about signing rap veteran Busta Rhymes to his label and why critics do not have to worry if he will completely makeover the Flipmode Squad leader’s signature sound.

According to Birdman, he allows his roster to have artistic freedom in their music.

“Whatever they bring to the table, whatever their vision is, [my role is] just to back it up and let them be the artist that they want to be and we support what they want to do,” Birdman said in an interview. “We never was [the type] to try to tell no [artist] how to do music, that’s not what we’re about. We like to let an artist be an artist and we support what they want to do.” (MTV)

Last week, Birdman hinted at what fans can expect from Busta with him now under his wing.

“Another day, another dollar,” Birdman said in a video. “We just wanted to let y’all know he’s the newest of the team. I really appreciate you f*cking with us like that — we looking for big things, he’s got his first single coming out this week. YMCMB, the largest empire in the world. F*ck with us — I’m looking for big moves, big things, all the time, every time. I believe in the talent and we’re gonna make it do what it f*cking do.” (Derick G)

Busta also pointed out his relationship with Birdman goes back years.

“This whole experience that’s getting ready to happen is probably going to be one of the most defining moments in hip-hop and probably in entertainment overall,” said Busta. “This alliance with the Conglomerate and YMCMB and me and Bird and [Lil] Wayne, the whole family, it’s something that’s been a long time coming because we just always had a respect level and a genuine and organic friendship for a very long time. It goes back in the day because me and Bird used to spend a million dollars a year on cars alone just to compete at the Funk Flex car shows and talk sh*t to each other and live it up and have fun.” (Derick G)

Although nearing his 40’s, the rap veteran recently said he still feels at the prime of his career.

“I’ve been blessed to be in this shape for a long time, but from young. I’m still a 38, 39 year old n*gga. I have a lot of peers that are older than me. At the end of the day, I can only speak for me, I’m just finding a new fresh powers source that’s gonna make things a lot more difficult for niggas if they wanna stand next to me and compete. I take great pleasure and great pride in respectfully competing. I don’t know it no other way; as long as everybody keeps it respectful. … [Google Music,] it’s displaying a new way of releasing music. It’s gonna be a grand, festive moment for hip-hop overall. It’s show people how greatly we can look forward to the growth of doing this shit the way it’s supposed to be. I couldn’t be more grateful for a better time in my career and evolution process at this point.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Birdman and Busta Rhymes below:


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