Cash Money Gamble W/ Paris, French Montana Flop Warning, Chief Keef Goes Too Hard


In this week’s Pulse Report, we peep how Cash Money is putting its chips in Paris Hilton, watch out for flop alerts thanks to French Montana, shake our heads at Chief Keef and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. A Shot W/ Paris


Is there any chance Paris Hilton can survive on Cash Money? I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but in 2013, who is really looking for Paris? She’s turned into the arch nemesis for Kim Kardashian, who everyone appears to love these days. Nonetheless, Birdman decided to invest his time and effort (no idea if there’s money involved, just ask Tyga) into bringing Paris over to the Cash Money team. To even start to draw up that list would take a full day, so we’ll just jump right to the juicy info:


But the big news: this nightfly who is really a successful businesswoman is recording her second album of music right now. It will be issued by CashMoney Records and will feature many hip hop acts such as Lil Wayne. Paris told me Afrojack is producing it, and she hopes to have it out this summer. The album release will be preceded by Paris doing a residency playing records (digital tracks) this summer in Ibiza, Spain-which also happens to be the hometown of her eleven years younger male model boyfriend named River. “This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris told me. “It’s really going to be house music.” (Showbiz 411)

[email protected] to tha Family.RichgangRichgirl.YMCMB,” Birdman tweeted May 22nd. (Birdman’s Twitter)

“Love this song I recorded with @LilTunechi. Love Lil Wayne, he is so amazing! Can’t wait for our new song! #I?YMCMB … ” (Paris Hilton’s Twitter)

So there you have it. Paris is now down with the whole Cash Money Records imprint but there’s a few things we all have to remember. The Cash Money roster is HUGE to this point, so big that we know Busta Rhymes has yet to do a record with Drake or Nicki Minaj and yet he’s like one of the biggest artists on the roster.

Y’all are going to think I’m back to hating on 5-0 Cent, but hear me out for a quick second. Remember back in 2005 when everyone in the crew was popping and then once Game left/got kicked out, 5-0 started trying to do things to spark attention. You had groups like Mobb Deep and M.O.P. signing to the label, which is today’s equivalent of Busta Rhymes and Limp Bizkit. Then you had those extra members like Olivia, Ma$e and Spyder Loc/40 Glocc, which we all know would be Jay Sean, Tyga and some of those other doggies on the label. My point is simply that Birdman seems to be following a format that hasn’t worked, taking artists we used to all cherish and then trying to relaunch their careers at his label. We’ve seen that move done before. LOL. Paris Hilton was hot five-eight years ago, this idea that she is dedicated to music and has some serious content to her name is a joke that’s even making me have to move on. LOL.

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