Canibus Can’t Stomach Slaughterhouse Beef, “I’m Not Looking For Attention From Them”

Canibus Can’t Stomach Slaughterhouse Beef, “I’m Not Looking For Attention From Them”

New York rapper Canibus has had a change of heart in his lyrical onslaught toward rap quartet Slaughterhouse by revealing his disinterest in continuing the rap beef.

Canibus said his initial problems with Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 and Joe Budden stemmed from past publicized comments suggesting his career was declining.

“Royce said it himself, Joey said it himself, ‘Yo, yo, Canibus was so good,’ and he was this and he was that and the third — I heard that part. If they’d have said that and left it there, you never would have heard no response from me,” Can said in an interview. “So, you know, I just wanted to put that out there, ’cause it’s important for them to know that…Listen, all in all, I want to see them win. I want to see Slaughterhouse win. And I’ve proven that, in spite of my response to the flagrant disrespect coming from all sides about my craft and my ability as an emcee. I’m not a hater, and I’m not looking for attention from them or any of their followers.” (Conspiracy Worldwide Radio)

Last week, Royce Da 5’9 revealed his disinterest in entertaining the beef.

“He made two diss records about me,” Royce said in an interview. “Don’t believe nothin’ Canibus says, man. That dude, he’s delusional…What am I supposed to do, write a record? What he’s doing don’t even motivate me. He’s not even motivating me to find time to respond.” (Hip Hop DX)

Canibus’ “Lyrical Law V. Joey Cupcakes” record primarily focuses on Royce and Joe Budden.

“First things first man, you f*cking with the worst,” Canibus raps, “You better bring an ice pack when I see you in person/I’mma bring an arsenal/Ask Joe who the f*ck you talking to, he the softest n*gga in the group/Blood thicker than water, wash it off after the Slaughter — Internet snitcher, like a little b*tch /Joey low life, living off rice and goat tripe/He boasts on the mic, then he posts on the site/Then exposed his whole life for the dope, for a price/Don’t rep the culture right/ old his soul for the hype/Got known overnight for n*ggas f*ckin’ his wife/Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight — You a disgrace to Jersey, you suck on the mic/You and 5’9″ are like two moist buttwipes/Walkin’ around all uptight.” (“Lyrical Law Vs. Joey Cupcakes”)

Following its’ release, Slaughterhouse member Crooked I downplayed the diss at his team.

“So I took a powernap and missed Canibus vs Slaughterhouse?,” he Tweeted Thursday (May 6) night.

“I wanted to hear a Slaughter/Horseman joint myself…#ThanxCanibus”

“@TheRealRoyce59 that dude is a certified weirdo”

“Just for the record Canibus been on sum bullsh*t with SH for months behind the scenes tho” (Crooked I’s Twitter)

Check out a portion of Canibus’ interview below:

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