Cam’ron’s Protege Vado Names His Top 5, Includes Famed Dipset Rivals

Cam’ron’s Protege Vado Names His Top 5, Includes Famed Dipset Rivals

Diplomat‘s Vado has named his Top 5 rappers of all-time and highlights Dipset‘s past rap foes Jay-Z and Nas on his list.

At the top of Vado’s list is mentor and Diplomat founder Cam’ron.

“Number one is Cam’ron because he put Harlem on his back and he took it to another level. Meaning, he didn’t only become successful by himself, but he took people with him and gave them careers…Hov (Jay-Z) of course because he did the same thing, but he did it for Brooklyn. Got to say Hov…Nas because he’s just very straight up talented in the game. His concepts is the best of me. The best, you know?” (All Hip Hop)

Vado also said The LOX‘s Jadakiss and late rap legend Tupac Shakur were in his elite 5.

“I got to put Jadakiss. I grew up on his bars. I was raised on his bars, his whole powerful punchlines and everything. Got to say Kiss…I got to go with Pac. The energy and the way he performed and the energy he gave to the booth is just unmatched. Honestly the reason I said these five right here is because I see a part of every one of them in me. That’s why I broke it down to them five.” (All Hip Hop)

Last July, Dipset’s Juelz Santana also said Nas and Jay were two of his biggest inspirations.

“The three automatic, Biggie, Jay-Z, Pac,” Juelz revealed in an interview. “Ya dig what I’m saying? I’ma throw Nas in there, I’m gonna go with Cam after that too. I ain’t even gonna front…The album, Born To Lose, Built To Win, the mixtape, Skull Gang, all of my artists, I got a movie I did with Megan Good that should be out in August going straight to DVD but it’s a good movie. It’s called Video Chick. Getting my acting thing up. My solo mixtape is gonna be a monster. I know I’ve been dragging my feet — but it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.” (WV Soul Magazine)

Last year, Cam said his past issues with Jay and Nas came on the defense of his associates.

“I’m not making up fake, imaginary beefs,” Cam said. “I’m not just jumping out for beef for no reason. When I went at Jay-Z, it was a lot of inside stuff that went on at Roc-A-Fella that we don’t need to go in to…There’s been a lot of times that I been wanting to do something but couldn’t because of Dame [Dash]. The 50 Cent thing, look you dissing, I took it as Jim [Jones] and Diplomats. Whoever else you could think of, Nas. The Nas situation. You got on the radio and said that Cam and [Funkmaster] Flex is ugly and Angie Martinez and N.O.R.E., whoever’s wack. It wasn’t because I attacked any of these people, it’s kinda all on defense, it’s always something that somebody did to me first.” (Miss Info)

Check out some recent footage of Vado below:

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