Cam’ron Undresses His No. 1 Wifey: “We Can both Look At Phat A**es Together”

Cam’ron Undresses His No. 1 Wifey: “We Can both Look At Phat A**es Together”

After making a now-infamous Vine flick with his down chick JuJu over the summer, Dipset’s Cam’ron has answered the burning question about potential wedding bells in the near future.

Despite his love for the curvy vixen, Cam promised he had no immediate plans to throw a ring on her finger.

“[Laughs] Ah man. I don’t know. Not saying we won’t get married one day, but why mess up what’s good right now with something else? We got the best relationship in the world. We have fun, we go out, we can look at phat asses together. We don’t need a piece of paper to say that’s who we are. She press me about it but she gets it. We’re enjoying life.” (Karen Civil)

Back in June, Cam and JuJu showed off their on-screen chemistry by making a series of Vine videos.

It’s a match made in heaven…and I’m not even talking about Cam’ron and his girlfriend JuJu, or Cam’ron and his arch-nemesis Cousin Bang. I’m talking about Cam’ron and Vine. Last week, Killa killed the 7-second video app on his first day with an account, documenting War and Peace (and spanish dancing) with his wifey Julie. Best Vine debut in the game? Has to be. But for their encore, the couple shoot a fair one with good ol’ Cousin Bang. Oh, and Cam’s cape makes a comeback. (Miss Info TV)

Proud of his wifey, Killa is also known for putting out steamy pics of JuJu.

February 20, 2013: got its hands on pics of Cameron and his fiance JuJu . . . GETTING IT IN . . . in the bathtub. And by the looks of JuJu’s face . . . Cam PUT IT DOWN!!! (Media Take Out)

Last year, Cam’s Dipset partner Jim Jones and long-time girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin were finally engaged.

Rapper Jim Jones has become engaged to his girlfriend of seven years. The hip-hop star popped the question to his longtime partner Chrissy Lampkin at a restaurant in Miami, Florida and the proposal was shown on U.S. reality TV show Love and Hip-Hop. After accepting a ring from the star, Lampkin told viewers, “The fact that my Jimmy knew that it was the right time to do things, it’s priceless.” (National Ledger)

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