Cam’ron Talks Dipset Pride, “Seeing [Dame] W/ Jim Jones Makes Me Happy”

Cam’ron Talks Dipset Pride, “Seeing [Dame] W/ Jim Jones Makes Me Happy”

Dipset leader Cam’ron recently sat down with radio personality Miss Info to discuss his intentions behind creating The Diplomats and his feelings on Jim Jones and Damon Dash‘s business relationship.

Killa described the early roots of Dipset and his approval of seeing Jim and Dame together.

“If you listen to Diplomat album[s], that’s why I kinda created the Diplomats, besides wanting my friends to get on, ’cause for my first two albums, I got tired of calling this person to be on the album and then you gotta wait for them to be on the album,” Cam said in the interview. “We gonna make everyone stars around us so Jimmy would be on my album, I’d be on Juelz album and vice versa…Dame is my man, I love Dame. Seeing him with Jim makes me happy…because I know Dame is smart…I know Dame could bring that corporate or business savy to Jim that he may not already have and I just think that’s a good collaboration.” (Miss Info)

Cam recently justified his long absence from hip-hop revealing his mother’s previous health issues.

“What a lot of people don’t know is my mom had three strokes in one day, she was all paralyzed on the left side of her body,” Cam said on Dipset Radio. “So what I had did was went down to Florida, Fort Lauderdale, for about a year and a half, get her in rehabilitation, get her walking again, making sure her health was right.” (Dipset Radio)

The rapper emerged from self-imposed exile with a new music video “I Hate My Job” earlier this week.

“Ayo I’m looking for a job/Ain’t nobody hiring,” Cam rapped, “Then I asked the boss/When y’all doing firing/You I’m admiring/Nice job, family man, car and looking in these Want ads tiring/Shoulda been a fireman…I put on my pants/Put on my shoes/I prayed to God/Paid all my dues/I’m tryin’ to win/But it seems like I was born to lose…” (iHipHop)

He will also be featured in next month’s XXL Magazine discussing his current relationship with Jones.

“It’s kinda messed up,” Cam said in the interview. “But what you gotta realize is that things can always be fixed behind the scenes. But once a problem gets public, it’s kind of unfixable…The two things that you could say it was is: The come to my house and try to start a fake beef between me and [Jim]…And the kinda siding with 50 [Cent] when me and him is in the dead middle of beefing or whatever.” (XXL Magazine)

Cam’s upcoming album Crime Pays is scheduled to drop Tuesday, April 21

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