Cam’ron Takes Credit For Byrd & Skull Gangs Creation, “Are They Part Of Dipset?” [Video]

Cam’ron Takes Credit For Byrd & Skull Gangs Creation, “Are They Part Of Dipset?” [Video]

Cam’ron recently discussed his role in the careers of Jim Jones and Juelz Santana and claimed their rap groups, Byrd Gang and Skull Gang respectively, were only created because he refused to relinquish control of  The Dipset.

Cam said his business dealings are partly responsible for the creation of Byrd Gang and Skull Gang.

“At the end of the day, that’s the f*ck people’s problem is, how the f*ck I’ma feel a part of something that I own,” Cam said referring to Dipset. “People be confused…I own it. Are ‘they’ part of Dipset? See, what you gotta realize, there wouldn’t be a bunch of Skull Gang, Byrd Gang if they could exclude me from Dipset. They wouldn’t be making up all these other names if you could kick me outta Dipset. I own Dipset so you could never kick me out of Dipset. (Dog & Pony Show)

Santana recently discussed his feelings towards the strength of Skull Gang and Byrd Gang and compared them to past record label powerhouses.

“Ah, man, it’s beautiful,” Santana said about what it looks like to see everyone’s crew onstage together. “That was the whole plot. For everybody, for all of us to have, how can I put it? Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy and Death Row, we all bosses in our own right. We got the swag, we got the energy. That’s what I feel the whole idea of it is. To get us to the point where everybody’s team is solidified and all the bosses are still comfortable with each other and we can all come to the table. Roc-A-Fella, Death Row and Bad Boy, imagine what the tour would have been like.” (MTV News)

Zekey previously hinted at a possible Dipset reunion at next month’s Hot 97 Summer Jam in New Jersey.

“I just gotta tell you, stay tuned for Summer Jam,” he declared in a recent video. “Like I said, it is what it is right now. N*ggas ain’t talking to each other over simple sh*t, nobody killed nobody took no money from nobody, it ain’t even no beef…This is a family dispute…We gonna be jammin’ in the summer.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Despite their perceived differences, Santana said he would be willing to make future Diplomat projects with Cam.

“I’m still opened to doing Diplomat projects with Cam,” he revealed in an interview. “At the end of the day, deep down inside, Cam can’t say anything…That’s why the only thing he can do is stress the fact and say things like, ‘We all made money, and I gave Juelz his shot.’ Okay, that’s cool…That’s like saying Un [Rivera] gave you your shot, Mase gave you your shot, and you wound up dissing Mase; right? Mase gave you your shot, then he sh*tted on n*ggas, so you dissed him.” (iHipHop)

Cam’s Crime Pays is set to hit stores Tuesday, May 12th.

Check out Cam’s interview below:

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