Cam’ron Says Dipset’s Swag Threw Off Jay-Z, “He Doesn’t Like People Just As Good As Him” [Video]

Cam’ron Says Dipset’s Swag Threw Off Jay-Z, “He Doesn’t Like People Just As Good As Him” [Video]

Dipset’s Cam’ron recently addressed his past feud with rap mogul Jay-Z and why the Roc-A-Fella co-founder allegedly felt threatened by internal competition.

Speaking to hip-hop personality Miss Info, Cam gave his stance on Hov.

“I think he’s a good, great businessman,” Cam said referring to Jay. “But he’s a competitor. He doesn’t like people just as good or who may be better on the same level as him. Not dissing him but [Memphis] Bleek and [Beanie Sigel] is like coming underneath him. I always want Jim [Jones] or Juelz [Santana] to be equal or above me because I’d rather kick back and chill out. But people [like us] coming to that label with the same amount of talent and the same amount of, well, no, pardon me, way more swag. You know what I’m saying? He couldn’t handle it.” (Real Talk NY)

In 2009, Killa Cam credited Hov for helping save hip-hop with his Blueprint III release.

“Jay-Z done made it look real good,” Cam said in an interview. “Jay-Z just sold 530,000 so it’s still looking good. Whenever there’s ever anybody out in New York still doing over half a million in a week, it’s still available. I don’t really f*ck with Jay but I got mad respect for anybody who makes money and anybody who still sells that much records after having a lot of albums out. Jay-Z really definitely did help out New York a lot.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Cam previously said he respected Jay’s hustle and work ethic as a businessman.

“I ain’t got no problems with Jay-Z. On the real, I don’t even f*ck with Jay-Z, but I got mad respect for the n*gga. Anybody who make money, got a million dollars to their name, I respect anybody who make money. I respect MC Hammer when Hammer was getting money. Personally? I don’t really know the n*gga, I f*cked with Dame [Dash] and Biggs. But I ain’t got no problems.” (Sub 0 DVD)

Cam’s issues with Jay reportedly began prior to the release of his Roc-A-Fella Records debut after a dispute over a record.

“F*cking Kanye [West] sells us a few beats, we watching the ‘BET Awards,'” Jim Jones said in a video. “Jay-Z’s about to perform his new single and he gets up there and its the beat we bought from Kanye which would now be ‘H to the Izzo.’ So now we steaming…Just Blaze blazed the ‘Oh Boy’ beat. We took that [from Jay-Z], that was ours. Strong arm, good lookin’ Just Blaze.” (King Mag)

Cam’ron was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records from 2001 through 2005 before signing a deal with Asylum/Warner Bros. Records.

Check out Cam’ron’s interview below:

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