Cam’ron Says Dipset Reunion LP Delayed By Obligations, “We Got 8, 9 Songs Done”

Cam’ron Says Dipset Reunion LP Delayed By Obligations, “We Got 8, 9 Songs Done”

Cam’ron has given an update on the status of new works from Diplomats Jim Jones and Juelz Santana as the recently reunited crew put together a comeback LP.

Although fans continue to anticipate a Diplomatic Immunity 3 project, Cam said each artist’s own solo obligations are being taken into account first.

“It’s a few people that’s been getting at us, but the money’s not really where we want it to be,” Cam said in an interview regarding label negotiations. “So we’d rather distribute it ourselves until somebody comes with the right amount of money. Jim is using the ‘Salute’ record as his single, so we’ll build off of that. But basically, with the Diplomat thing, everybody is gonna do it, but we got obligations. Jim got his album he definitely gotta turn in…[Me and Vado] got this Gunz and Butta thing. Juelz is putting his album together. Nobody wants to stop where they already have contracts and obligations, but we working too. We got eight, nine songs done.” (MTV)

Jones’ follow-up to 2009’s Pray IV Reign is set to drop at the end of September.

The album titled Capo is set for a September 28th release for now, on E1 and work has already started at the offices. “Salute” is actually his first single and it features Cam’ron & Juelz Santana. The Dale “Rage” Resteghini video will be premiering soon. Pre-order the album awwready! (Hip Hop N More)

According to Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL, Juelz Santana is prepping the release of his Born To Lose, Built To Win LP.

“He’s touring and getting money,” Sha told SOHH earlier this year. “He’s getting his money so he’s comfortable, he’s just creating the right musicbecause he’s that next n*gga man. So he’s coming with it. It’s coming this year, we gonna drop this mixtape, The Reagan Era, he’s shooting some crazy videos — they on it right now, heavy, and I support them because he’s that next n*gga. I’ve contributed from records all the way down, man. He gets everything man, from the music to the marketing to the big picture, man. We gotta create stars, I don’t just leave them at the A&R Depot saying, ‘I’m done.’ I take it all the way there. It starts with the music and you know that’s what I do. That’s just one of the things that I’m great at, is the music.” (SOHH)

Last month, Dipset’s Freekey Zekey opened up about reuniting Cam and Jones after a three year fall-out.

“I done grabbed up Killa, snatched up Juelz, called Jim, we all sat down and I said enough of the bullsh*t, what’s happening,” Zekey recalled to radio personality Mr. Peter Parker. “We got big money, big business, big opportunities right now and I’m not stopping until everybody sit down right here and put everything out on the table — I [was] sitting there and letting them know it was way bigger than this, what are [they] arguing over, nobody took a dirty Subway sandwich and smacked somebody’s mom’s with it…I can never give up on my family. It’s 2010, time to get it in. Dipset wins again…” (Mr. Peter Parker)

Check out Freekey Zekey speaking on Dipset below:

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