Cam’Ron Salutes Mom On Mother’s Day, “My Mom Means The World To Me” [Video]

Cam’Ron Salutes Mom On Mother’s Day, “My Mom Means The World To Me” [Video]

After a two year hiatus, Cam’ron returned to the spotlight and revealed that he had taken time off to nurse his mother back to health. Now that his mother has made a recovery, SOHH caught up with Cam to see how he’d be spending Mother’s Day.

Killa Cam told SOHH that he was contemplating taking a vacation but wasn’t sure his mother would be on board.

“I don’t know exactly what me and my mother are going to do for Mother’s Day. My mom is talking about going to Bahamas. But she’s one of them people I’ll get the tickets and be like, ‘Why did you take me serious?’ I don’t know, she’s kinda like in a little Harlem World. She hated being in Miami she wanted to get back to New York bad. She didn’t like it at all. My mom means the world to me.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Cam’ron detailed his mother’s health problems and her subsequent recovery in Florida.

“What a lot of people don’t know is my mom had three strokes in one day, she was all paralyzed on the left side of her body,” he said. “So what I had did was went down to Florida, Fort Lauderdale, for about a year and a half, get her in rehabilitation, get her walking again, making sure her health was right.” (Dipset Radio)

The Harlem bred rapper is also looking forward to spending time with his grandmother on Sunday.

“From the time I was about 13 on I lived with my grandmother so I appreciate everything my grandmother done for me too,” said Cam’ron.  “She the one really took care of me in my teenage years. I’m just appreciative to have both my grandmother and my mother alive and I’m happy that they’re going to be here for Mother’s Day because they both did a lot for me.” (SOHH)

Cam is preparing to release a new album this month.

He’s preparing the May 12 arrival of his sixth studio album, “Crime Pays,” which will be released on Asylum Records. To roll out the project, Cam’ron has gone digital, leaking half a dozen tracks and homemade videos through YouTube, MySpace and his blog,, in the past two months. (Reuters)

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