Cam’ron Refuses To Quit Rap, “I Can’t Stop Even If I Wanna” [Video]

Cam’ron Refuses To Quit Rap, “I Can’t Stop Even If I Wanna” [Video]

Cam’ron recently spoke on his past thoughts of retirement and his inability to hang up the mic.

Killa said the initial thought of falling back from music was due to having already established his camp within the hip-hop spotlight.

“It was a time I was thinking about that before my mom got sick,” Cam revealed. “There was a time I was like, ‘All right, I got everybody off the ground. I kinda been doing this for a while. Let me fall back and maybe look into some other things.’ But you know, during that time period, you know I’d be sitting at the restaurant eating and start thinking of rhymes or sitting in my living room and start thinking of stuff, I can’t stop even if I wanna stop. It’s just kinda built inside of me. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, if I’m sitting still for more than an hour, rhyming, things start popping up in my head. Or somebody says something funny, I’ll think of something to collaborate with that and it’s just kinda instilled in me before my mom got sick, I was thinking about that anyway. Like, maybe I’ma fall back and get into something different but then it’s like, I don’t even know how to fall back.” (MTV)

Cam’s recent two-year hiatus was reportedly due to his mother’s health issues.

“I’m about to bring [hip-hop] back to life,” Cam said in an interview on Dipset Radio last February. “I’m about to bring a little air to it, a little CPR. No homo…What a lot of people don’t know is my mom had three strokes in one day, she was all paralyzed on the left side of her body. So what I had did was went down to Florida, Fort Lauderdale, for about a year and a half, get her in rehabilitation, get her walking again, making sure her health was right…there was so much ‘Where’s Cam’ron’ that I started using it towards my advantage…You can’t buy that kinda promotion…It was all about falling back and picking the right time.” (Dipset Radio)

His return into the spotlight came courtesy of his music video “I Hate My Job,” which showed Cam rhyming about the current economy’s struggles.

“Ayo I’m looking for a job/Ain’t nobody hiring,” Cam rapped, “Then I asked the boss/When y’all doing firing/You I’m admiring/Nice job, family man, car and looking in these Want ads tiring/Shoulda been a fireman…I put on my pants/Put on my shoes/I prayed to God/Paid all my dues/I’m tryin’ to win/But it seems like I was born to lose…” (“I Hate My Job”)

Killa has over a decade of history within the music industry.

Hooking up with the Bad Boy posse, he developed a pop-rap style similar to chief Bad Boy Puff Daddy. But Cam’ron didn’t sign with Bad Boy; Mase introduced him to the Notorious B.I.G., who in turn brought in his partner Lance “Un” Rivera. Un signed Cam’ron to his Untertainment label, distributed by Epic Records. Cam’ron first attracted attention with “Pull It,” which earned airplay in May 1998. (All Music)

Check out Cam’s interview below:

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