Cam’ron Reflects On Pink Craze, “I Kinda Went Over The Edge”

Cam’ron Reflects On Pink Craze, “I Kinda Went Over The Edge”

Taking a step away from promoting his new album, Cam’ron recently discussed his fashion influence and his similarities to Ghostface Killah.

Speaking with hip-hop personality Miss Info, Killa revealed the inspiration for his pink palate.

“Maybe looking back at it, I kinda went over the edge with [fashion] but for the time frame…I killed [the pink clothing],” Cam told hip-hop personality Miss Info. “You gotta realize, Russell Simmons made pink the color for Phat Farm, that’s what was to set it off…You know who be in the same lane [with me]? My n*gga Ghostface…I was in a Ghostface type situation…If sometimes I go over the edge, it’s for a reason. You see the people who were saying ‘I’ll never wear pink, pink is for h*mos’ and they came out with a pink shirt the next day.” (Rap Radar)

Along with inspiring fans, Cam’s pink craze also caught the eye of rapper-turned-fashion designer Kanye West who shouted him out on the 2005 song “Touch The Sky.”

“Back when they thought pink polo’s would hurt the Roc/Before Cam got the sh*t to pop, the doors was closed/I felt like Bad Boy’s street team, I couldn’t work the Lox (locks)/Now let’s go.” (AZ Lyrics)

Cam has also called out rappers’ questionable fashion statements including Jay-Z via his “You Gotta Love It” diss song.

“You talkin bout you a 80’s baby. You 37 years old, you was born in 1968 and I open the Daily News, how’s the ‘King of New York’ rocking sandals with jeans? Open toe sandals with Choncletas with jeans on/How’s the ‘King of New York’ rocking sandals with jeans and he 42 years old? Back to business. (Metro Lyrics)

Despite his past problems with Jay, Cam recently said he currently has no issues with former rap enemies.

There’s been a lot of times that I been wanting to do something but couldn’t because of Dame [Dash],” Cam said in an interview. “The 50 Cent thing, look you dissing, I took it as Jim [Jones] and Diplomats. Whoever else you could think of, Nas. The Nas situation. You got on the radio and said that Cam and [Funkmaster] Flex is ugly and Angie Martinez and N.O.R.E., whoever’s wack. It wasn’t because I attacked any of these people, it ‘s kinda all on defense, it’s always something that somebody did to me first.” (Miss Info)

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