Cam’ron Protege Spreads Concepts On “Gunz N’ Butta” Debut

Cam’ron Protege Spreads Concepts On “Gunz N’ Butta” Debut

Cam’ron protege Vado has unleashed details about the upcoming Gunz N’ Butta album and explained what hip-hop heads can expect to hear on the LP.

Presented as an album featuring himself and Cam, Vado said the LP will introduce different topics to listeners.

“There’s way more concepts on there, I’m a concept artist. I take time with my music and really think it out. I’m not just spitting bars, but I’m bringing you into my world. Cam brought me here and I’m going to show them. I’m trying to reach the kids that just don’t have sh*t. They out there hustling for someone else. I want to be in every kids’ iPod in Harlem…My favorite joint is ‘American Greed,’ the first song on the album. Shout out to Lou Pearlman–God bless the dead–Kirk Wright and all the white collar criminals, corporate gangsters. I feel like a lot of rappers talk about the drug game but they never talk about the other side of it. Dudes with no guns in suits is making billions off this.” (VIBE)

The album was reportedly pushed back from an August to September release.

These days, it seems rare that an album actually drops on its original release date. This reality is now one facing Cam’ron and Vado’s collaborative offering, Gunz N’ Butta. As previously reported, the Harlem natives were preparing to drop the album on August 31. However, has learned that the album has been rescheduled for a September 14 release date. (XXL Mag)

In a recent statement, Vado proclaimed the project’s greatness and overall quality.

“The vibe between me and Cam was crazy,” remembers Vado. “I’m from his ‘hood on 142nd and Lenox, so once we started kickin’ it like Goodfellas and he started recording with me, it was history in the making.” Cam’ron and Vado look to continue flooding the streets with new music. After the release of their first official album as a duo, Gunz N’ Butta, on August 31st, 2010, Vado will release his first solo mixtape, Slime Flu, in the fall. Vado says of Gunz N’ Butta, “It’s our first album and I promise it’s so much of a classic. It’s like all the Boss of all Bosses tapes put together. We hit y’all from all angles–we hit y’all from the streets, for the ladies, for the club… It’s five stars, man.” (Hip Hop Press)

Last May, Cam said the album would drop sometime in August.

“Let me break it down: We’re the U.N. That’s the name of the team,” Cam described. “The U.N. is ‘Us Now.’ We got an album coming out in August that’s gonna be stupid. Vado’s solo joint, look towards December [for that one]. But I want everybody to be focused on that U.N. album, ’cause when that comes out, it’s gonna be bananas. Stupid. This August. [‘Speakin Tongues’], this is the first single off of it.” As of now, the U.N. is officially just Killa and Vado; they have three other artists who are down with them but not signed. Cam and company have 10 videos coming to the Web in the next several days, including “Ooh Baby” “Large in the Streets” and “Stop It Five.” (MTV)

Gunz N’ Butta is now scheduled to drop Tuesday, September 14th.

Check out a recent Vado interview down below:

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