Cam’ron Plots More “Crime,” “We Gonna Put Out Another 3 Videos” [Video]

Cam’ron Plots More “Crime,” “We Gonna Put Out Another 3 Videos” [Video]

Dipset leader Cam’ron has kept his word with the announcement of more Internet-only music videos for his upcoming album Crime Pays.

While backstage at his comeback concert last night (May 4) in New York City, Cam expressed his feelings over performing in the Big Apple and spoke about his upcoming music videos.

“I was good to be in New York, we did a lot of shows outta town in the Mid-West, we did a lot of shows out there but to be in New York, I’m from New York, it’s a great look, appreciate everybody for coming out,” Cam said in an interview. “It’s a real, real good crowd, a lot of engergy. I had a good time doing it. You know all the stuff we put on the Internet, a lot of fans out there support on the Internet so I had to do some of those. We shot a lot of viral videos we put ‘em on the site, you can snatch ‘em off every site and put it on your site but we gonna put out another three videos this week too.” (MTV)

Cam’s performance last night was reportedly sold-out.

Cam’ron is back and recently performed for the first time since The Diplomats broke up. Cam rocked the crowd at the Highline Ballroom in New York for the release party for his new “Crime Pays” album. Hosted by Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, and sold out for weeks, fans got to see Cam’ron performing “I Really Mean It.” Cam went on to perform a ton of hits including all of his Roc-A-Fella records including “Oh Boy,” “Hey Ma” and “Down And Out.” With no other members of Dipset there, Cam’ron made sure to chant “Dipset” multiple times during the entire show. (Rap Basement)

The Harlem-bred emcee informed fans of his comeback show last month.

“I’m back in the streets New York City with a hot new album and hot new music. It’s your boy Cam’ron taking over Hot 97 this weekend. The 97th person to text us at 75759 will win tickets to my album release concert May 5th at the Highline Ballroom and my new album Crime Pays on sale May 5th. New York City, Tri-state, I am hip-hop, I am Hot 97.” (Miss Info)

He recently sparked attention around Juelz Santana and Jim Jones and took credit for inspiring their Skull Gang and Byrd Gang rap groups.

“At the end of the day, that’s the f*ck people’s problem is, how the f*ck I’ma feel a part of something that I own,” Cam said referring to Dipset. “People be confused…I own it. Are ‘they’ part of Dipset? See, what you gotta realize, there wouldn’t be a bunch of Skull Gang, Byrd Gang if they could exclude me from Dipset. They wouldn’t be making up all these other names if you could kick me outta Dipset. I own Dipset so you could never kick me out of Dipset. (Dog & Pony Show)

Check out Cam’s backstage interview below:

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