Cam’ron & Nicki Minaj Rep NY “So Bad”, Barbie Goes Back To Blonde [Video]

Cam’ron & Nicki Minaj Rep NY “So Bad”, Barbie Goes Back To Blonde [Video]

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj and Cam’ron‘s long-awaited “So Bad” music video has finally premiered online today (July 16) after a teaser heated up the Internet this week. #sobad

The music video shows Killa Cam trying to win Minaj’s on-screen character over.

The music video, directed by Antwan Smith and premiered via Complex, opens with Cam checking out a $20,000-a-month apartment owned by Minaj. Cam spends the rest of the video appealing to her, when he’s not sipping on Clique Vodka, and wooing her. Minaj however, rocking a new blonde ‘do and Barbie heels, isn’t easily wooed. But their love is shared for their hometown, New York. The video shows shots of the city’s bridges, subway, Times Square and The Apollo in Harlem, while Minaj goes back to her roots. (Radio)

A new teaser clip of Nicki and Cam’s video bubbled across the Internet yesterday (July 15).

Queens songstress Yummy Bingham lays down the hook, while Nicki kicks her man to the curb on her bossy verse. “You runnin’ ’round frontin’ like you paid in full / My ni**a, you ain’t Rico, this ain’t Paid in Full,” she spits. The second installment of Cam’s 1st of the Month arrives next month on iTunes. Upcoming editions are expected to feature Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and more. (Rap-Up)

Killa Cam relied on his Instagram page to give fans a quick preview of their anthem a few weeks ago.

Cam’Ron is preparing to launch his 1st of the Month EP series on July 1, where fans will receive 5 new songs at the start of every month until December. On Wednesday evening, Killa Cam took to Instagram to preview a new collaboration with Nicki Minaj. “Ayo Cam i’m the baddest bi**h, you was acting mad happy when you bagged this bi**h/ You was telling my mother you loved me all the time, pink range you was pushing that was sort of mine,” raps Nicki in the 15-second preview. (Miss Info TV)

Cam recently said spending a month with Diplomats Jim Jones and Juelz Santana could give them enough time to knock out a reunion album.

“It ain’t like we got beef with each other. Everybody’s at each other’s house. Everybody’s speaking to each other. But I’m here. Jim’s there. Juelz is there. Then we get together for two to three days. Then we all got to leave again. You know? It’s gotta be one of those scenarios where we basically take three to five weeks off and sit in a room. Or go to Miami or New York or wherever we wanna be, but be with each other for a month straight, so we can knock it out.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)


Check out the new music video:

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