Cam’ron Embraces Southern Hospitality, “We’re Gonna Be Down Here For A Few Months Recording”

Cam’ron Embraces Southern Hospitality, “We’re Gonna Be Down Here For A Few Months Recording”

Dipset’s Cam’ron has decided to embrace the South by recording his next set of music projects in Atlanta.

For Cam, he has yet to record a solo effort from the South region.

“We got a bunch of stuff going on,” Cam explained recently. “I got my solo album to do. We got ‘Killa Season 2′ soundtrack. ‘Cousin Bang, the Movie’ soundtrack. To keep it 100, down South, they got a lot of hot beats with no samples. We’re trying to just get a different vibe. I did four of my albums in New York, one in Chicago, one in L.A. But I never did an album recording in Atlanta. So me and Vado came down here to get a different vibe. We’re gonna be down here for a few months recording and working.” (MTV)

He recently said a group project from his crew, The U.N., would be dropping later this year.

“Let me break it down: We’re the U.N. That’s the name of the team,” Cam described. “The U.N. is ‘Us Now.’ We got an album coming out in August that’s gonna be stupid. Vado‘s solo joint, look towards December [for that one]. But I want everybody to be focused on that U.N. album, ’cause when that comes out, it’s gonna be bananas. Stupid. This August. [‘Speakin Tongues’], this is the first single off of it.” As of now, the U.N. is officially just Killa and Vado; they have three other artists who are down with them but not signed. Cam and company have 10 videos coming to the Web in the next several days, including “Ooh Baby” “Large in the Streets” and “Stop It Five.” (MTV)

Cam also reconnected with Jim Jones earlier this month, showcasing a Dipset reunion.

“Cam and Jim have definitely spoke, me and Jim have talked about putting everything together and putting the past behind us,” Juelz Santana told radio personality Angie Martinez. “At the end of the day, I’m willing to be a big person and put whatever I got to put to the side and if the fans want an album, we can do that…I was like a fan finding out, because it was like, ‘Oh word, that’s what’s going on?’ I hadn’t talked to Jim when it first happened — I kinda heard it through the Internet and then it was the same type of way, then I spoke with Jim…I’m happy that they were able to do that.” (Hot 97)

Last year, Cam explained why he took a hiatus from the rap scene.

“I’m about to bring [hip-hop] back to life,” Cam said in an interview on Dipset Radio. “I’m about to bring a little air to it, a little CPR. No homo…What a lot of people don’t know is my mom had three strokes in one day, she was all paralyzed on the left side of her body. So what I had did was went down to Florida, Fort Lauderdale, for about a year and a half, get her in rehabilitation, get her walking again, making sure her health was right…there was so much ‘Where’s Cam’ron’ that I started using it towards my advantage…You can’t buy that kinda promotion…It was all about falling back and picking the right time…” (Dipset Radio)

Check out some recent Cam’ron footage below:

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