Cam’ron Calls Out Mason Betha, “Sorry Bruh, I Ain’t F*cking W/ Ma$e” [Audio]

Cam’ron Calls Out Mason Betha, “Sorry Bruh, I Ain’t F*cking W/ Ma$e” [Audio]

Dipset’s Cam’ron is letting fans know he has no plans of hooking up with Ma$e in the near future by going at him on fellow Diplomat Jim Jones‘ “60 Rackz” remix.

On the record, Killa Cam hints at his issues with Ma$e relating to 2010’s passing of late Harlem, New York affiliate Huddy 6.

Feels like that storied run from 2004-2006 where we’d have these three artists regularly collaborating. Funkmaster Flex debuts to remix to Jim Jones’ “60 Rackz” with help from Killa Cam and Weezy F. Baby. The original can be found on Capo’s Vampire Life 2 mixtape, out now. While it’s turned into an all out week of Weezy on the internets, Cam’s not messing around on his verse as he has some words for Ma$e. “I be me, you be you, apologies to Groovy Lou. Sorry bruh I ain’t f*cking with Ma$e, yeah yeah tell him you be cool. Me I rep that Hud 6, I ain’t even going to play with him. Harlem underworld for real, you can fool Wale and them. The mack, well, that’s black on black. True facts, I’m crack on tracks. Play around, I’ll lay you down, 60 racks on your cap ni**a….” (Miss Info TV)

Cam’s reference to fooling Wale stems from Ma$e remixing the rapper’s “Slight Work” record last April.

“Whatchu want me to say, whatchu want to do,” Ma$e raps. “Different kind of money make different kind of moves/Different kind of dudes wear different kind of jewels/Different kind of drop on different kind of shoes/With my hat to the back, man a different kind of mood/You get a different kind of chill from a different kind of cool.” (“Slight Work” Remix)

Back in October 2010, Killa also name-checked Ma$e on a Huddy 6 tribute track.

“This the 30-year story, doggy, of two swingers that took the 6 train to Canal to get two-fingers and rope chains, at 13 poppin’ bubb, the youngest youngest ever to be in the Cotton Club…not even gonna start to lie, my body cold, no heart in side. Damn, my other part done died. ya’ll should run when I start to cry…145 and St. Nick, I’m there for Blood wake, 13 years later back here for Hud wake, can’t lie my mind is in a bugged state, feel like Radio Raheem, love hate….Where is Betha at, I’m like f–k Mase…When Hud’s car crashed,damn I’m like not again. He invented words like ‘curve’ and ‘poppington.’ What up Tintin aka 6man, you know your family can lean on me like a kickstand.” (Miss Info TV)

The Dipset leader took to Twitter to initially dish out his problems with Ma$e’s absence at Hud’s funeral.

Cam’ron has taken aim at fellow rapper MA$E after he failed to attend the New York funeral of their tragic pal HUDDY 6. Ma$e, who recruited Huddy 6 as a member of his group Harlem World, was nowhere in sight – and Cam’ron has voiced his anger on his page. In reply to a fan who asked whether Ma$e was in attendance at the memorial service, he wrote, “h*ll no dat f**kin sucka a** n**ga (sic).” Cam’ron grew up with Huddy 6 in the Big Apple’s tough Harlem neighbourhood and has previously credited his pal with saving his life when he was shot twice in 2005. (Contact Music)

Check out the “60 Rackz” remix below:

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