Cam’ron Announces New Self-Made Films, “I’d Rather Write My Own Movie” [Video]

Cam’ron Announces New Self-Made Films, “I’d Rather Write My Own Movie” [Video]

Dipset leader Cam’ron has confirmed plans to release two upcoming films by the end of the year called The Bakery and Killa Season 2.

In addition to starring in at least one of the productions, Killa also discussed his roles behind the scenes.

“First movie’s called The Bakery featuring my man Bang,” Cam said in a recent interview. “It’s just basically about trafficking drugs from state to state. And of course I got Killa Season 2 coming out this fall. Killa Season 2, we shot a couple scenes but I haven’t really been working on it. I have a date to shoot in June, from June 5 to June 25 I believe. Then it’ll take me about two weeks to edit so it’ll be on point. I’ve shot about two or three scenes that I’m gonna keep for that. I did Killa Season 1 like that, I direct, produce, starred in, edited, I did everything…I’d rather write my own movie and act in my own stuff.” (Real Talk NY)

Cam previously discussed plans to release a film based on his upcoming album Crime Pays.

“What’s going on everybody,” Killa said in a video. “Y’all been looking for me and here I am. Just a brief breakdown real quick. The album Crime Pays comes out May 5th on Asylum/Diplomat Records, you know it’s gonna be a good look. Thank you for all the support on ‘I Hate My Job,’ it wasn’t my single or nothin’, just something I threw out there but thank you for the support…Also, we have the movie for Crime Pays coming out this July. Make sure y’all go pick that up later on…I’m gonna be shooting videos from now until the album comes out. I’m gonna put out a video every two weeks.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Dates for the upcoming projects have already been announced.

In 2009, he has a full year of releases scheduled. The first week in July will see a mini-movie called The Bakery, which is an offshoot of the video intro he shot for “I Used to Get It in Ohio.” Cam’s movie Killa Season 2 will be released in October, and the soundtrack drops in September. Then there’s another separate album slated for December. All that will be preceded by the May 5 release of his LP Crime Pays. (MTV)

Killa’s Crime Pays project will reportedly offer a full length disc of music.

“It’s called Crime Pays because I feel that I am the living story of crime pays,” Cam said in an interview. “The CD has 80 minutes on it so you know a lot of times people don’t really know that they put 12, 13, 14 songs and there is still 30 minutes left…So I’m trying to just fill it all the way up, being that I haven’t been out in so long…Nothing major as far as appearances are concerned.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Cam talking about his upcoming films.

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