C-Murder Unveils Anti-Violence Initiatives For Louisiana

C-Murder Unveils Anti-Violence Initiatives For Louisiana

Corey “C-Murder” Miller has teamed with Reverend Toris Young to announce a list of plans to help decrease violence in Louisiana.

The rapper’s focus will now be on bettering the lives of children and his community.

Miller, who is awaiting trial for murder and a minister who served time for identity theft say they have a plan to combat area violence. The pair on Tuesday (April 14) said their plan includes holding anti-crime rallies, improving recreation programs and encouraging internships for young people. (WDSU News)

While offering a brief speech to press today, neither men were able to answer questions.

C-Murder read from a prepared statement just inside the door of his grandmother’s home in Kenner, where he is confined on house arrest while he awaits trial on second-degree murder. He refused to answer questions, including one in which he was asked why should people take him seriously. His home incarceration officer Mike Dawson also appeared at the news conference. The Rev. Toris Young, who heads the “Louisiana Ministerial Alliance Of Churches For All People,” also refused to answer questions about his past. (NOLA)

Miller was recently released from jail after posting $1 million bail for violating the terms of his house arrest last month.

The 38-year-old made bail and returned to house arrest two weeks after he was jailed for allegedly leaving his house without permission. State Districut Judge Hans Liljeberg previously increased Miller’s $500,000 bond to $1 million. Officials said Miller is using equity in property to make the bond. Miller’s trial is scheduled for April 20. (WXVT News)

Murder is currently awaiting retrial for a fatal shooting charge from January 2002.

Miller was convicted in 2003, but former Judge Martha Sassone granted him a new trial after she found that prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three witnesses from the defense. The state Supreme Court sided with Sassone in 2006, and she then set a $500,000 bond for Miller and ordered him into house arrest. (SOHH)

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