C-Murder Nightclub Lawsuit On Hold, Attempted Murder Trial Comes First

C-Murder Nightclub Lawsuit On Hold, Attempted Murder Trial Comes First

Corey “C-Murder” Miller has had a lawsuit filed against him from a nightclub owner placed on hold until his murder trial has been settled this summer.

The decision was made by a judge Monday (May 11) afternoon.

A Baton Rouge judge has placed on hold a nightclub owner’s lawsuit against Miller until a murder charge against Miller is resolved in Jefferson Parish. He is accused of trying to shoot two men, including the owner of Club Raggs, in August 2001. Club Raggs owner Norman Sparrow sued Miller for damages after the alleged incident. Miller faces attempted second-degree murder charges in Baton Rouge and a second-degree murder charge in Jefferson. State District Judge Kay Bates said the stay is necessary to protect Miller’s constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Nola News)

C-Murder is accused of  attempting to shoot Sparrow but failing due to a gun malfunction.

Miller attempted to enter the club but a security guard stopped him. The guard told Miller he could not enter without being searched. Miller demanded to see the club’s owner, who also told Miller he could not enter without the search. Miller was leaving when he grabbed a semiautomatic handgun from his waistband and allegedly attempted to shoot the club’s owner, who had his back to Miller. When the gun malfunctioned, Millercleared the gun and fired. (The Advocate)

The rapper recently avoided three months of jail time before beginning his murder trial in August.

A 24th Judicial District Court judge has decided that Corey “C-Murder” Miller will remain out of jail until his second degree murder trial. The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office had sought to have Miller’s home-incarceration revoked for violating a gag order by speaking at a news conference last month. But Judge Hans Liljeberg decided Miller could remain out of jail at a hearing this morning. (New Orleans Metro)

Despite prosecutors’ demands to place him behind bars over an Internet interview, Miller’s attorney claimed his client was innocent.

Attorney Ron Rakosky said his client did nothing more than anyone charged with a crime does: He pleaded his innocence. Miller is confined to house arrest at his grandmother’s home until his retrial on a charge of second-degree murder. Prosecutors also argue that Miller violated his house arrest by associating with a known criminal. Miller spoke at a news conference with a minister who had pleaded guilty to felony counts three years ago. (WWL-TV)

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