C-Murder Dodges Jail Time, Remains On House Arrest

C-Murder Dodges Jail Time, Remains On House Arrest

A judge has allowed rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller to remain on house arrest, avoiding nearly three months in jail until his murder trial begins this summer.

The rapper’s fate was determined early Tuesday morning.

A 24th Judicial District Court judge has decided that Corey “C-Murder” Miller will remain out of jail until his second degree murder trial. The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office had sought to have Miller’s home-incarceration revoked for violating a gag order by speaking at a news conference last month. But Judge Hans Liljeberg decided Miller could remain out of jail at a hearing this morning. (New Orleans Metro)

Despite prosecutors’ demands to place him behind bars over an Internet interview, Miller’s attorney claimed his client was innocent.

Attorney Ron Rakosky said his client did nothing more than anyone charged with a crime does: He pleaded his innocence. Miller is confined to house arrest at his grandmother’s home until his retrial on a charge of second-degree murder. Prosecutors also argue that Miller violated his house arrest by associating with a known criminal. Miller spoke at a news conference with a minister who had pleaded guilty to felony counts three years ago. (WWL-TV)

Prosecutors filed their initial request late last month.

Miller should be jailed until his August murder trial because he violated a gag order by proclaiming his innocence on a Web site, and because of his association with a convicted felon, Jefferson Parish prosecutors said Monday. Assistant District Attorneys David Wolff and Shannon Swaim made the claims in a motion filed a week after Miller spoke at a news conference at his grandmother’s Kenner home, where he is confined until his retrial on a charge of second-degree murder. (Nola News)

With his trial on the horizon, the rapper has teamed with Reverend Toris Young to announce a list of plans to help decrease violence in his homestate.

Miller, who is awaiting trial for murder and a minister who served time for identity theft say they have a plan to combat area violence. The pair on Tuesday (April 14) said their plan includes holding anti-crime rallies, improving recreation programs and encouraging internships for young people. (WDSU News)

Miller’s murder trial is set to begin August 2009.

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