Busta Rhymes Shuns The Internet, “It’s Dehumanizing People” [Video]

Busta Rhymes Shuns The Internet, “It’s Dehumanizing People” [Video]

Flipmode leader Busta Rhymes recently discussed the disadvantages to today’s technology advancements saying the computer makes people less inspired to interact with one another.

The New York-bred emcee broke down his problems with technology in a new FlipmodeTV video clip.

“If me and a n*gga in the same room, right, we in the hotel, we on the road,” Busta explained. “I’m next door to a n*gga and we got the door that connects the rooms, so he ain’t gotta go in the hallway to holla at me, knock on the door…Instead of doing that, n*gga textin’ me, who in the room with ‘em. N*gga textin’ me. Nobody in the room with him. The computer has made n*ggas lazy. The computer has made n*ggas interact less. It’s dehumanizing people, homie. It’s dehumanizing you, that’s all I’m saying. Because now when that same n*gga send me a text and I misinterpret what I’m reading because I can’t feel what his real intent was, now I respond f*cked up.” (Flipmode TV)

Juelz Santana also recently discussed the problems with some aspects of technology including Internet bloggers.

“I think the Internet is a plus and a minus,” he said in an interview. “For one, it’s the best promotion though in the world, especially when you don’t have an album out at the time it’s a beautiful way of promotion, you know what I’m saying? And it’s free promotion at that. I don’t really entertain the bloggers or the comments and stuff like that. Anybody that has time to sit and type at they computer might be gay to me. I mean just typing a comment. You could be typing and talking to somebody, but typing a comment on something that you see is kind of crazy to me.” (BET Sound Off)

Others, however, like Cam’ron have seen the positive effects of technology.

“Hip-Hop is great,” Cam said in an interview. “A lot of people are saying the Internet is messing up, the Internet is a great tool to market and promote and use for your advantage. And people are still buying records. (Real Talk NY)

Busta’s upcoming album is slated to hit shelves May 19 and he says he will provide fans with “lyrical records.”

“I’m happy, real happy, about a lot of things,” Busta said in an interview. “I’m in a great situation. New label, new money, new excitement, new sound, new album, just new everything. I just feel like I’m being born again or something…The album sounds like the substantial hip-hop that has been missing from the game for a long time…That traditional boom bap – hard kicks, hard snares, solid bass lines, records that sound real melodic because they’re very incredibly structured songs, very lyrical records. It’s the well-rounded balance of what a real hip-hop album is supposed to feel like.” (Boston Herald)

Check out Busta’s views on technology below:

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