Busta Rhymes Reveals Cash Money Breakup: “I Was There For Two Years” [Video]

Busta Rhymes Reveals Cash Money Breakup: “I Was There For Two Years” [Video]

Rap veteran Busta Rhymes has raised eyebrows this week after revealing his run with Birdman’s Cash Money Records has come to an unexpected end.

According to Busta, there is no bad blood but he felt like a change was needed.

“I was there with for two years and the opportunity was a great opportunity at the time, because of the type of deal that was done,” Busta explained. “For me, with this particular project and all of the sacrifice that went into it — recording the album for five years, I [lost] Chris Lighty making this album, I [lost] my father making this album — the sh- I was putting into this album, I’m not compromising my vision for it.” “So if I feel like if, in the slightest way, we ain’t facilitating everything necessary for the vision to be seen and executed in the way I’m envisioning this sh- for the last five years, let me live and die in my own own inequity.” (MTV)

Recently, Rhymes addressed the delay behind his upcoming E.L.E. 2 album.

“I’m still dealing with a lot of clearance issues, but I would say it’s about 90% finished. I don’t anticipate having too much difficulty with it, but there’s a lot of real defining moments on the album that we had to use some very important content from different areas to just make the album shape up and reach the vision I had for an Extinction Level Event sequel. Ideally, if everything goes according to plan, I would like to have it out mid-fall and send people into the holidays with the most impactful project of my lifetime, God willing.” (Rolling Stone)

He also discussed what fans could expect from the long-awaited project’s content.

“E.L.E. 2 is very familiar and similar to the embodiment of what E.L.E. 1 sounded and felt like because it was important to me that if you play the first one today and then took it out and immediately put the second one in, I wanted the beginning of the second one to start with the same feeling that E.L.E. 1 ended with. I wanted it to be a natural progression and the most seamless sequel concept project that has ever been put together, but then it evolves as it goes on and you feel the nostalgia but you hear and you witness everything that’s current and new about the feeling of E.L.E. 2.” (Rolling Stone)

Busta previously talked to SOHH about recruiting comedian Chris Rock to contribute to the LP.

“Chris Rock is a friend of mine,” Busta told SOHH. “He’s a Brooklyn native, I’m a Brooklyn native. We’ve watched each other grow in the industry throughout the years. We homies. One day I seen him in Miami and I just had this idea for him to narrate the entire album. I went to L.A. and when I seen him in L.A., I gave him a call, told him to come down to the studio, see what was going on with the project so he could get an idea of the direction we were going and he heard it and he was with it. He did what he had to do right there on the spot.” (SOHH)

Check out Busta Rhymes’ interview:

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