Busta Rhymes Reportedly Renames New Album “Extinction.Level.Event.2″

Busta Rhymes Reportedly Renames New Album “Extinction.Level.Event.2″

New York rapper Busta Rhymes has reportedly changed the title of his forthcoming Chemo album to Extinction.Level.Event.2.

Initial speculation was generated from the rapper’s manager, Chris Lighty, on his popular Twitter page.

The trend of album sequel continues with Busta Rhymes as the New York staple plans another chapter from from his 1998 opus E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front. Busta’s manger Chris Lighty sent out the message via Twitter. Lighty simply said, “Extinction.Level.Event 2 ……prepare yourself.” Like the first, E.L.E. 2 is inspired by movies of pending destruction and doom on planet Earth, Lighty said. “From the Intro of the new Busta Album your going to know your [sic] in trouble and you just turned on 2012 the movie on warp speed,” he said. (All Hip Hop)

Busta also re-tweeted Lighty’s Twitter messages on his own page.

“RT @clighty: Extinction.Level.Event 2 ……prepare yourself. RT @clighty: From the Intro of the new Busta Album your going to know your in trouble and you just turned on (cont)http://tl.gd/16psfk RT @MonaScottYoung: Heard @BusaBusss is creating the most insane movie with #stoptheparty. Sounds like the party (cont) http://tl.gd/16q37t.” (Busta Rhymes’ Twitter)

Last month, producer Swizz Beatz said that Busta renamed his solo project.

“I think Busta changed the title from The Chemo but I swear to you, this album is crazy,” Beatz promised in an interview. “It’s not, no, no, no, it’s crazy. I was impressed, I’m not even gonna lie. I went into the studio expecting to hear something else and I heard something else, back to back.” (Rap-Up TV)

Busta’s E.L.E. album was released more than a decade ago.

Extinction Level Event peaked at #2 and #12 on Billboard’s Top Hip Hop/R&B Albums and the Billboard 200 charts. Due to the resurgence in popularity of disaster movies around the time of the album’s release in 1998, primarily Armageddon and Deep Impact, it can be suggested that the album, the album’s title and cover drew much inspiration from these sources. This belief was confirmed when Busta Rhymes explained in an interview that the cover was inspired by the disaster movie Deep Impact, showing his image of an asteroid hitting New York City. (Wikipedia)

Check out Swizz Beatz speaking on Busta Rhymes renaming his album down below:

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