Busta Rhymes Pays Homage To Late Music Mogul [Audio]

Busta Rhymes Pays Homage To Late Music Mogul [Audio]

A year after the tragic passing of Violator Management founder Chris Lighty, rap veteran Busta Rhymes has released a track in his former business partner’s memory.

Promptly titled “Chris Lighty,” the track also features late reggae mogul Bob Marley.

On August 30, 2012, Chris Lighty passed away. One year later, close friend and former client of Lighty, Busta Rhymes, has released a brand new track in his honor. The song is titled “Chris Lighty” and finds Busta rapping about the impact the Violator owner had on his career and his life. Busta says in the first verse that he wrote the song days after Lighty’s passing, and the visceral pain reflected in the veteran’s voice is a testament to this fact. The song has added vocals from the legendary Bob Marley. According to Busta’s frequent collaborator, Dready, Marley’s vocals come from a never-before-heard second take of Marley’s classic “Natural Mystic.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy said Lighty stood out as one of the best executives in terms of networking and communicating with others.

“Chris was the greatest hip-hop manager that ever lived. He was more than just a manager, too. He was one of the greatest business minds as far as bringing hardcore hip-hop and real street hip-hop to the corporate world. He did that real good. There was a few people that was real good at that and he was one of the best ones. His networking, his communication skills were incredible,” P said in an interview. “I learned so much from watching how he communicated, just his tone, his mannerisms, his work ethic, just everything. That was an incredible individual and he managed us for a long time. We’ve been through a lot with Chris. A lot. It hurt a lot when I found out he passed.” (Complex)

Over the winter, fellow New York rapper Papoose paid homage to the late business exec on his “Obituary 2012″ tribute record.

Whitney Houston, let us rejoice,” Pap raps. “Words can’t describe her amazing voice/Born August 9th, 1963, incredible black woman, Newark, New Jersey — sold over 170 million albums/The cause of her death? Accidental drowning/She leaves behind a daughter, heavenly surrounded/Chris Lighty, hip-hop shed a tear/He gave birth to so many careers/Born May 8th, ’68, in the Bronx, used to carry records for Red Alert, he was smart/Started Violator, made it better/He helped me with my career, we took a million dollar deal together/The cause of his death? They say suicide/But anybody who knows Chris sees through the lies” (“Obituary 2012″)

G-Unit’s 50 Cent reportedly hired an investigator to look into Lighty’s suicide last year.

The city medical examiner ruled it a suicide, but many close to Lighty have their doubts. 50 Cent said he offered to pay for an investigation. 50 cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, told me the hip hop mogul was not financially desperate. He said they just booked an international tour for 2013 that would have netted Lighty millions. Fox 5 obtained a copy of Lighty’s will. The will, drafted in 2007, provides a separate $1.6 million trust fund for his children. Aidala said establishing that trust shows great care and planning, especially for a man who at that time was only in his late thirties. (My Fox NY)

Check out “Chris Lighty”:

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