Busta Rhymes Flips Mode Over Nas Ghostwriting Rumor: “For Me To Believe That, A N*gga Would Have To D*mn Near Swallow Gunpowder”

Busta Rhymes Flips Mode Over Nas Ghostwriting Rumor: “For Me To Believe That, A N*gga Would Have To D*mn Near Swallow Gunpowder”

Flipmode Squad leader Busta Rhymes recently offered his input on the debate over whether or not Nas had help penning 2008’s Untitled LP and said facts always overturn the rumors.

Busta said before running on gossip, fact-checking must be done when it is an accusation as serious as ghostwriting.

“I kind of just look to the facts for the truth. You got to research the facts. You can take a little bit from everywhere, but you research it and you get the facts. Fortunately I have access to a lot of resourceful information and people, so I base my sh*t on that. But speaking on the Nas ghostwriter thing, I think that’s really funny because I’ve known Nas from before he put out a solo album. I sat in Large Professor‘s house, and he actually made the “Halftime” beat for me. The “Halftime” beat on the Illmatic album was originally for Busta Rhymes. I didn’t know what to do with it. I gave it to Nas and he sledgehammered that. Back then, Nas recorded in Power Play Studios [in Queens]. Power Play was also where Leaders Of The New School recorded some of the first Leaders’ album.” (VIBE)

He also downplayed the notion of Nasty Nas ever needing help with his pen game.

“Nas never needed a ghostwriter in his life–and I don’t have to ask nobody to confirm that. I know what I saw with my own two! I’m not taking away from nobody and what they do. I’m not even knocking ghostwriters. To each his own. Get your money how you live. Whatever way you got to live, get it the way you got to get it. I don’t knock nobody’s hustle, but Nas needing a ghostwriter, using a ghostwriter, or having a ghostwriter–for me to believe that, a n*gga would d*mn near have to swallow gunpowder, swallow a match, blow himself up and float around on some Daffy Duck sh*t [Laughs].” (VIBE)

Last month, Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica also denied the accusation he helped ghostwrite Nas’ material.

“Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. never has and never will need a ghostwriter. that man’s pen and legacy is without question.,” Jay Elect tweeted late August 14th. (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Recent reports suggested Jay-Z may have had Electronica tagged to help pen Nas’ LP.

Frank Miller Jr., who runs the website Rappers I Know, has specifically recounted a conversation with Jay Electronica, claiming that Elec was commission by then-Def Jam president Jay-Z to ghostwrite for the storied Queens MC. Miller felt letdown by Electronica’s revelation that he specifically penned the track “Queens Get The Money,” mirroring the reaction many fans experienced once these accusations started spreading on Twitter on August 13. “The day Jay called me at work to tell me he was ghostwriting for Nas was a hard day for me,” he wrote, adding that he was also happy to see the rapper, who is clearly influenced by Nas, rising through the rap world. (RapFix)

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