Busta Rhymes Fends Off BET Awards Dress Disses: “If I Ever Really Gave A F**k

Busta Rhymes Fends Off BET Awards Dress Disses: “If I Ever Really Gave A F**k

Cash Money Records’ Busta Rhymes isn’t sweating the small stuff and recently addressed raising eyebrows for his dress attire at the 2014 BET Awards. #haterade

Despite becoming the subject of endless memes, Busta saw the positive in the backlash.

“It’s a good thing. One thing people have to remember about Busta Rhymes is that if I ever really gave a f*ck, I wouldn’t be the same dude that everybody has grown to love 22 years later. I’m the same dude who could comfortably put on Givenchy sh*t, Tom Ford sh*t, and then could come through, turn around and customize a sleeveless trench vest like the one that I had on when I was standing next to Martha Stewart.” (Complex)

Rhymes also said he would not let peer pressure alter his wardrobe.

“I love to do the things that other people can’t. I love to do the things that other people won’t. That’s what makes Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes. If I started to change that, I think a lot of people would no longer feel the same way about the Busta Rhymes that they came to grow to love. I don’t do what I do to satisfy everybody. I do what I do to make the people that love Busta Rhymes happy, and that’s it.” (Complex)

Following his appearance at the annual awards show, Busta turned into a viral joke.

Social Medai can be swift, and it can be cruel. Last night it was BOTH! After cameras showed rapper Busta Rhymes in the audience with a bright stripped shirt… I mean jacket… butterfly collared windbreaker(?) it was apparent that not only did the large man get larger, but he was about to be the talk of twitter! Many comparisons came in but below are my 7 favorite. So, what DID Busta Rhymes look like last night at the 2014 BET Awards? (CBS Local)

Busta delivered on fans’ high expectations by premiering his new “Calm Down” record last month.

Of course, no battle can truly begin without the right music; producer Scoop DeVille borrows the horns from House of Pain’s classic “Jump Around”. From there, two of the most furious spitters in all of rap-dom engage in six minutes of intense battle: Eminem is toxic and acerbic, making references to Abe Lincoln and his brain as a fried egg, while Busta is his usually dense, manic self, somehow managing to include “Fahrvergn├╝gen” into his fervent wordplay. (Consequence of Sound)

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