Busta Rhymes Faces Off W/ Eminem & More For Big Release Day, “I Feel Real Good About It”

Busta Rhymes Faces Off W/ Eminem & More For Big Release Day, “I Feel Real Good About It”

With albums hitting stores today from Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Redman & Method Man, and DJ Drama, Busta offers his views on today’s releases and how they will affect the rap music industry.

Busta Rhymes points out the importance of having several big hip-hop album releases in one day.

“I feel real good about it because its a great day in hip-hop,” he told SOHH. “There aint been this much amazing releases on the same day in a minute. All of this dope shit in the marketplace, hip-hop needs it right now. We need it to show people how lucrative the business of hip-hop music still is on a corporate level. We need to also get these tours up and running. I just look forward to seeing what the outcome is going to be. I’m fans of every one of those artists I’ma be out there buying all three of them shits myself that day.” (SOHH)

DJ Drama’s second major label release Gangsta Grillz 2 also hits stores on Tuesday.

“I’m excited. It’s ‘big dog’ day.” Drama said. All [those artists] are people that I have the utmost respect for in that I came up loving and supporting their movements so to have an album come out on the same day as all those guys is an honor.” (XXLMag.com)

After a four year hiatus, Eminem will release Relapse, the first of two albums slated for 2009 release on May 19th.

“There’s two records, there’s Relapse and there’s Relapse 2,” Em explained in an interview. “It’ll be released later this year…The only guest appearance [on Relapse] is Dr. Dre, on this record. The production is all Dr. Dre, except for one song, it’s called ‘Beautiful.’ It’s not out yet…The main theme of the record is a lot to do with me getting sober. Like giving up drugs and also kinda relapsing back into the first two albums, it’s like relapsing back to the first two albums. The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP.” (Skyrock)

Like Em, Redman and Method Man also built upon previous work for their new Blackout 2 project.

“A lot of people want that 90’s feel back and we thought we’d give them that,” Redman told SOHH. “Because basically Red and Meth fans, they not just all black. We got white, Mexican. We mixed. Our brand is all over the wold, we’re worldwide. Definitely a 90’s feel that ya’ll been missing and when ya’ll listen to it, I think you’ll appreciate what we was doing.” (SOHH)

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