Busta Rhymes Breaks Down Rick Ross & 50 Cent Beef, “A Lot Of This Sh*t Is Entertainment” [Video]

Busta Rhymes Breaks Down Rick Ross & 50 Cent Beef, “A Lot Of This Sh*t Is Entertainment” [Video]

Busta Rhymes offered his take on rap “beefs” in today’s hip-hop, calling the Rick Ross and 50 Cent battle merely “entertainment.”

Opting out of choosing a side, the music veteran discussed today’s fans misunderstanding of what hip-hop beef is composed of.

“I’m a big fan of Rick Ross,” Busta said in an interview. “I’m a big fan of 50. I just feel like it’s great entertainment, I just hope it stays that way…When it’s to the street, it ain’t about the rhymes anymore. It’s about poppin’ somebody’s head off and compromising somebody’s well-being…Motherf*ckers need to start undestanding that as far as hip-hop…a lot of the sh*t we’re seeing, people might call it real beef but it ain’t real beef until it get in the street. A lot of this sh*t is entertainment…Until it becomes real beef, it ain’t real beef. It’s just a lot of motherf*ckers outwitting each other…If we’re gonna compete, it’s about strategically moving your chess pieces. Whose gonna out-think the other opponent and whose gonna cross the finish line as the victor.” (Miss Info)

Rappers like Jadakiss have also expressed their concern on keeping the battle on wax.

“When I was going through it with 50, I’m glad he didn’t have ThisIs50.com ’cause that’s like a crazy outlet,” Kiss said in an interview. “He don’t even gotta do no music, he can just do wild skits and put new stuff on there and new paperwork and everything and that’s drawing in so much traffic and attention that it’s almost like slaughter…We should try to keep it at the music as much as possible. It’s good that he put wild skits and funny cartoons and stuff on the site…but the most theraputic for hip-hop is them to keep dropping songs. That’ll keep the violence out of it.” (Shade 45 VIP Saturdays)

Appearing to not want things to become physical, Ross recently said he has used his lyrical war with 50 as a means to draw in more fans.

“My freestyles as you could hear them, ‘Kiss My Pinky Ring,’ I do them in 20 minutes and put them out there,” he said in an interview. “Those crumble empires. People listening to how potent the music is. That’s all this really is for me. I’m not really excited yet. All this is a platform for me to show people how talented I am. How much better of a lyricist I am. So if [50] sold 10 [million], my next album should sell 12.” (MTV News)

50 has also used his situation with Ross to promote a variety of spoofs via ThisIs50.com.

“Saturday Cartoons Presents ‘Officer Ricky: Welcome to Death Row,’ the episode’s description reads. “50’s fourth episode of Officer Ricky at his best once again as he arrests the one that he previously looked up to: Ex-CEO of Death Row, Suge Knight featuring Akon, DJ Khaled, T.I.” (This Is 50)

Check out Busta’s interview below:

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