Bun B’s II Trill, II Trill To Quit, “Unless There’s A Contract W/ Me, You’re Looking At A Lawsuit”

Bun B’s II Trill, II Trill To Quit, “Unless There’s A Contract W/ Me, You’re Looking At A Lawsuit”

UGK’s Bun B is threatening to issue a trademark infringement lawsuit to a clothing company that has created a series of Trillionaire t-shirts for retail.

Via Twitter, Bun expressed his grievances against the “trill” T-shirt line.

“Unless there’s a contract with me/estate, you’re looking at a lawsuit. RT @JLaPuma: @BunBTrillOG http://tinyurl.com/4ukje7q thoughts?,” Bun tweeted Thursday (February 17). (Bun B’s Twitter)

In addition to utilizing photos of Bun B and the late Pimp C to promote their brand, the company prides itself with a perceived UGK connection.

A rich man is not neccessarily a wealthy man. And a trillionaire is not necessarily someone with money like Bill Gates. Bun B and Pimp C are two of the trillest to ever live it. Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler always kept it 1000 and never bit his tongue for anyone. If he said it, he meant it, and although his words sometimes had a tendency to get him in the middle of controversy, nobody could ever say Pimp C wasn’t real. His partner in crime Bun B is no different. Carrying the torch of trillness for the Underground Kingz, Bun B is also known as the undisputed King Of The Trill. In fact, him and Pimp C damn near invented the concept of Trill. (Mix Unit)

Known for his imprint, Bun has released multiple albums under the “Trill” moniker.

Trill was definitely a rough album but a fun album to put together,” he continued. “II Trill was a little bit different circumstances, dealing with the [death of Pimp C]. I’m not really sure that I gave that album everything I could. I don’t think I had everything to give to that album at the time. It was still a great album; we made great music. I mean, we could do that in our sleep. But I’m not trying to do it in my sleep. I’m trying to be eyes wide open, fully focused. And I think we came back and accomplished that on Trill OG.” (MTV)

Bun’s Trill O.G. 2010 album received a rare 5-Mic rating from renowned hip-hop scribe The Source.

Each album went through meticulous review from The Source’s ‘Mind Squad’ across different categories that included originality, lyrical content, arrangement and production. Trill O.G. scored high enough to receive 5 mics, the holy grail of Hip-Hop ratings, granting it admission into an elite club of timeless musical compositions that span over 20 years. The album rating system has been a staple for the magazine in announcing which artists have put together the best album from start to finish. Bun B is the first artist to receive this honor in over 5 years. The state of Hip-Hop music returns strong with these releases and The Source celebrates the return of Hip-Hop dominance. These artists have pushed the envelope, crafted chart topping music and are helping restore Hip-Hop’s dominance, with Bun B the leading the pack. Trill O.G.‘s [5 mics] rating is something only a select few have received in the 22-year history of The Source. (The Source)

Check out some past Bun B footage down below:

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