Bun B & Z-Ro Kick Knowledge To Texan Undergrads

Bun B & Z-Ro Kick Knowledge To Texan Undergrads

Southern rappers Bun B and Z-Ro have updated fans on their progression into the classroom as both emcees have taken their skills to university campuses.

Via Twitter, Z-Ro expressed his enthusiasm to teach at Houston Community College.

“Headed to HCC to teach Houston Hip Hop History! Class is at 11am. Northwest campus, shout out to Mr. Lewis and God for making it possible!,” he tweeted Wednesday (November 10). (Z-Ro’s Twitter)

Bun recently revealed he would be lecturing a course at Rice University.

Here’s a good reason to enroll at Rice University: Bun B is co-teaching a course there next semester. The rapper confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that he will in fact be acting as a professor for a class at the Houston, Texas college. He wrote, “Co-teaching Hip Hop and Religious Studies at Rice University this spring! Undergrads enroll!” We’re thinking if there was ever a way to get kids stoked about learning, this is probably it. (MySpace Music)

In the summer, the Underground King discussed the possibility of getting a chance to academically influence the minds of undergrads.

“I’ma have office hours and sh*t where you can come in and talk about my motherf*cking albums or some sh*t…I will be looking to see who’s in class everyday; you may get priority for perfect attendance. Pay attention to me, I’ma pay attention to you.” (XXL)

A few months ago, producer 9th Wonder spoke with SOHH about landing a teaching gig at Duke University.

“The opportunity to teach at Duke really came about from doing a few functions over there in the past with people like Questlove. A professor caught wind of what I was doing and he approached me with the opportunity and I just went for it. The name of the course I taught was called ‘Hip-Hop Sampling Soul.’ Before Duke, I taught at North Carolina Central University and did a straight history hip-hop course. Difference is the course I taught at Duke was that we focused on different aspects of black music so that was the basic difference between the two schools. North Carolina Central University was a Historically Black Institution and Duke is an ACC school so that was really the only difference between teaching at both.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out a recent Bun B video down below:

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