Bun B Wants Lil Wayne To “Leave All That Sh*t Inside The Hole He Just Crawled Out Of”

Bun B Wants Lil Wayne To “Leave All That Sh*t Inside The Hole He Just Crawled Out Of”

UGK’s Bun B has shared his reaction to Lil Wayne‘s release from Rikers Island yesterday and how he hopes the Young Money star can finally leave the past behind him.

Bun believes Wayne’s star power should not be shadowed by bad influences.

“I’m just hoping that whatever demons were on him and following him when he went inside, I hope that he left those demons inside that h*ll hole,” Bun said in an interview. “Whatever it was he may have felt held him back or anything that may have kept him in situations he didn’t need to be in based on the person he is in this world. I hope whatever it is that was holding him back inside of him, leave all that sh*t inside the hole he just crawled out of. He’s in the free world now. He is the biggest star on the planet and it’s time for him to let himself be received.” (VIBE)

Former United States President Bill Clinton also said he hoped Wayne would make smarter life choices after jail.

“I’ll tell you what I think about that, I know this is kind of a funny question for you to ask me but I think, my daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music after I said some things she thought were not very smart,” Clinton said in an interview. “She said, ‘Daddy, you need to listen. A lot of these people are smart.’ This guy’s smart and he’s got ability and he’s got a new chance now and what I hope is it’s not just something to brand him as a cool guy but that it’ll never happen to him again. I think a lot of these people, they don’t get successful as in any other area of life by being really dumb. They’re really smart but a lot of them had tough lives and they think it’s almost cool to get in trouble every now and again or they don’t know how to stay out. What I hope will happen is that he has a good life now.” (Kiss Morning Freak Show)

Reportedly, Wayne was freed from jail early Thursday (November 4) morning.

Lil Wayne was reportedly released from the Rikers Island prison facility after serving eight months of a year-long sentence for attempted gun possession. Though a guard told MTV News early Thursday morning that he had to wait another day due to “miscalculated” time, at 8:35 a.m. a spokesperson at Rikers confirmed that Wayne had been discharged. (MTV)

Last night, Young Money artist Drake revealed a taped conversation he had with Wayne at a California concert.

“I’m in one of the greatest moods that I’ve ever been in in my entire life,” said an exuberant Drake before kicking off his first show since Lil Wayne was released from jail last night at the Gibson Amphitheatre in University City, Calif. He shared a conversation he had with Weezy, who called him earlier in the day. Drake wasn’t sure who was on the other end at first until the mystery caller revealed himself. The sold-out crowd erupted in chants of “Weezy! Weezy!” before he performed “Right Above It” in honor of his brother. The moment was captured on Drizzy’s personal camera to show to Tunechi. (Rap-Up)

Check out Drake speaking on Lil Wayne down below:

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