Bun B On Dealing W/ Rap Groupies, “You Have To Be Smarter Than Your D*ck”

Bun B On Dealing W/ Rap Groupies, “You Have To Be Smarter Than Your D*ck”

UGK‘s Bun B has given some advice on how rappers can avoid finding themselves in potential lawsuits and legal battles with groupies.

Bun believes artists should use logic and consider who they keep in their entourage.

“You have to be smarter than your d*ck,” he revealed in an interview. “That’s just being real. When I say that, I mean not allowing sex to make dumb decisions for you to the point where you don’t even allow your brain to interfere. If it just comes down to a physical thing and you let sex lead the way, you are going to be in trouble time and time again…Make sure the n*ggas that surround you have dealt with women on a mature level. Because that’s where the problems starts. A lot of these cats have never really had a woman before, especially the caliber of women that comes with our career. And that’s something that a lot of these cats can’t turn down. You have to make sure you are surrounded by experienced men.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, self-proclaimed Young Money groupie Kat Stacks accused rappers Fabolous and Bow Wow of having her physically abused.

“yes its true @myfabolous life sent people today to smack me up at the bar & they stole my phone & recorded it. i dare yall to blast it.”

“got my a** wooped? it was 2 n*ggas yelling @myfabolouslife & @bowwow name … im a female u got 2 n*ggas to hit me LOL lame.” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

In addition to Fab addressing the rumor, Bow Wow also came forward to say he had no relationship with Stacks.

“Of course I had no involvement with it,” he promised in an interview. “It’s so far fetched for me. Come on, man, everybody knows I make records for girls…I’m not an evil person. I don’t condone violence. That’s just the type of person I am. I just feel like, if anything, positivity is always the way out. So I think that maybe if she humbles herself a lil more and be positive and go about things differently, then hopefully she’ll be alright…but that’s not my style. I don’t put hits on people, I’m in the music business…if I wanted to fight, I’d be in the MMA.” (XXL Mag)

Stacks made a name for herself by giving out personal information from members of Young Money.

“Well that last video, I was pissed off because Jae Millz had called Child Services on me because he’s the only one who knows my real address so I knew it was him. So I got pissed off and I started writing it on Twitter and then my account got suspended so I just called World Star Hip Hop and said I want to make another video and give this motherf*cker’s address out since they was trying to take my child away…I’ve heard they got a price out for my head, I’ve already moved so if anything happens to me they’ll know who to go to first.” (Team Yee)

Check out Redman speaking on Kat Stacks below:

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