Bun B Gives “Thank Me Later” Sales Prediction, “If Drake Does Less Than 500,000, Somebody Dropped The Ball”

Bun B Gives “Thank Me Later” Sales Prediction, “If Drake Does Less Than 500,000, Somebody Dropped The Ball”

UGK’s Bun B has agreed with T.I.‘s recent prediction that Drake‘s Thank Me Later will sell at least 500,000 copies in the first week.

Bun recently said he was confident in Drizzy’s selling ability.

“It’s an incredible album,” Bun, who was featured on Drake’s acclaimed So Far Gone, said in an interview. “It’s gonna be a multiplatinum album. First of all, let that be understood: it’s gonna be a number one album in several countries across the world. If he does less than 500,000 in the first week, somebody dropped the ball at Universal [Music].” (XXL Mag)

Tip recently said Drake’s ability to put out consistent good music will influence his record sales.

“I’m confident in my man,” T.I. said about Drake’s first-week. “I think if 500 [thousand] was the over, under, I would take the over. Given his potential and his presence, I would. I think that’s safe, that’s a safe bet. He hasn’t put out a dud yet. He hasn’t put out a dud, not even as a feature, so I think that warrants about a half [a million].” (Hot 97)

Speaking from Rikers Island, incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne recently said he wanted his artist to out-sell the record-setting Tha Carter III.

“A million in a week? I need him to do more than Tha Carter III,” Weezy adds of his breakthrough album, which sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week. “Like 2 million in the first week. I need him to do 2 million the first week, straight up.” (MTV)

Despite a leak late last month, Drake said he was still confident in his album’s selling ability.

“I always said if I had put out an album that was poor quality and music that people didn’t enjoy, then I think the leaks would hurt me,” Drake said in an interview. “Because a lot of the feedback has been great. The word of mouth, music is something that is to be enjoyed. I think it can help me so, June 15th, I’m still confident.” (The Life Files)

Drake’s Thank Me Later drops tomorrow, June 15th.

Check out T.I. speaking on Drake’s first-week sales down below:

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