Buckshot On Joe Budden-Raekwon Dispute, “Motherf*ckers Is Beefing And Ain’t Selling Records” [Audio]

Buckshot On Joe Budden-Raekwon Dispute, “Motherf*ckers Is Beefing And Ain’t Selling Records” [Audio]

Boot Camp Clik‘s Buckshot recently spoke with SOHH about the ongoing feud between his Rock the Bells tour mates Joe Budden and Raekwon and why, he believes, their dispute is being sold as a publicity stunt.

Claiming he has spoken to both artists on the nationwide tour, Buckshot pointed out why their publicized beef is pointless.

“It’s f*cking crazy like now because it ain’t necessary,” Buckshot explained. “Motherf*ckers is beefing and ain’t selling records. Beefing used to work to sell records for one motherf*cker named 50 Cent and LL [Cool J] and certain people back in the day. 50 Cent is really the first one that came like ‘F*ck that, I’ll murder a n*gga’ besides Pac. And Pac would still make good music but he was beefing in interviews. And 50 would make good music and beef with his music. Joe Buddens and the rest of them dudes, they just making music. They beefing, I think, not because they selling records and Joe Budden know that the only way to stir sh*t up is — the only way to let people know smoke is around is to start a fire. A publicity stunt means to take advantage of the publicity. So I think it is a publicity stunt to say ‘F*ck it, while I got the public’s ear, I’ma say sh*t to keep ‘em coming back.’ And the f*cked up thing is that that sh*t don’t do nothing no more. It used to do something — it was worth something a few years ago.” (SOHH)

Buckshot was featured on Rock the Bells 2009 alongside other mainstream and underground artists.

Rock the Bells 2009 performances by KRS-One, House of Pain, Reflection Eternal, Damian Marley, Tech N9ne, K’Naan, RZA, Big Boi, La Coka Nostra, Slaughterhouse, M.O.P., Slum Village, Buckshot, Evidence, Alchemist and more. It will be hosted by KRS-One, Supernatural, Murs and Pete Rock. Additional artists to be announced. The North American portion of the tour will run from June 27 to August 9. (Guerilla Union)

Budden claimed he was assaulted by Raekwon’s camp last Saturday (August 8).

“It was such a sucker punch,” Budden said in a live broadcast. “Rae didn’t punch me. For the people just joining us that would like to know what happened…I’m trying to figure out how this could happen…Just need to let n*ggas know, that I’m all right. I know how the Internet is. It moves 20 times faster than real life…It’s gonna look like some other crazy sh*t that didn’t take place, I must really love you guys…Them n*ggas came in here like Storm Troopers and sh*t. They made a grand entrance…They asked me a whole bunch of questions that they didn’t want to know the answers to…it was like an interview gone wrong. My whole thing is, I would have had the most utmost respect for that n*gga if he would have been like, ‘Eh, take a walk with me.’ I just don’t really know how these guys think they can do a show right after. How you gonna perform after that?…Now it’s not Slaughterhouse versus Wu-Tang, it’s definitely not that. It takes that leverage away. I’m definitely sexy still.” (Blog TV)

The rapper later said Rae’s team attempted to apologize which, in turn, made Budden suggest a one-on-one fight.

“Everybody worried about my well-being, I’m all right,” Joey promised. “I think @RaekwonIceWater forgot where we were. We were in LA, for the people that don’t know the relevance there, my n*gga Crooked is from LA. So needless to say, the playing field evened out a little bit within an hour…So when the playing field got evened out, n*ggas from that camp over there — wanted to know what they could do to resolve this situation. There’s really no resolving this situation because I got hit in the face, well, almost hit in the face…This whole situation could go away with a square dance…A square dance is when two n*ggas square up [and] square off…N*gga told us he ain’t wanna square dance. He ain’t had a square dance in 30 years. Which first off, how the f*ck old do that make you? And number two, why not? This is the same n*gga on the f*cking blogs talking about ‘Joe Budden is soft,’ ‘Joe Budden look like he called the cops,’ and he don’t wanna square dance with me…It’s either a square dance or no comment at all…I need the fans to urge this n*gga..Ask the n*gga why he don’t wanna square dance.” (YouTube)

Raekwon’s Ice Water Music company released a statement yesterday (August 11) addressing the recent publicity behind the alleged attack.

“Contrary to various reports that have been circulating on the Internet since Saturday, Raekwon has made no statement, either official or unofficial, about a reported altercation that supposedly involved members of his entourage and rap artist Joe Budden,” a statement reads. “This includes statements allegedly made to the staff of Rock The Bells. Raekwon and his associates are busy focusing on his company, IceH20 and preparing for the highly anticipated release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II that will hit stores September 8th, 2009.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Buckshot’s interview with SOHH below:

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