Bubba Sparxxx Vs. Shamrock

Bubba Sparxxx Vs. Shamrock

With our first quarter Top 5 Dead or Alive match-ups in the books, we are pitting the first 10 weekly winners against one another to see whose list truly reigns supreme. In Round 1, there will be five total match-ups based one winning percentages. The match-up with the highest Round 1 winning percentage will be automatically placed in the Finals. Let’s get ready to rumble!

In today’s second Round 1 match-up, it gets dirty when Bubba Sparxxx steps up to former (White) Rapper Show winner Shamrock. Can Bubba’s picks get “ugly” on his competition or will Sham have the luck of the Irish and tally up the most votes? Who makes it to next week’s Round 2 match-up? You decide!


Poll Results

I’m going to name Andre 3000 in my list. He’s got to go number one. He’s just my favorite emce of all time. Period. I would figure he’d be on the Hall of Fame list of rappers you can’t name. He’s pretty much in everybody’s Top 5.

Jadakiss for sure. Jadakiss is just so f*cking ill. The punchlines, the way he tells stories, I love it. He touches on a lot of real topics.

Number two would have to go to Trick Daddy. I’m from the South. Trick Daddy is another cat that’s just original. When it comes to me, it’s all about originality. What you’re going to notice is the people I’m naming here all [contain] originality. These are people who are original and, at least when they came out, there had never been people that sounded like them. Now there may have been people afterward sound like them, but prior there wasn’t.

Put Common up there. Common can rap about anything but what I really am passionate about with him is that he made being positive and uplifting cool. He’s just so talented with the wordplay and his rhymes. It’s almost effortless with him. Plus he’s got a positive message in most of his music and it gets lost in there with other artists.

Number three would be Ice Cube. When I first started listening to hip-hop, late 80’s, early 90’s, when I was a kid, there really wasn’t a lot of that music. There was the Geto Boys that came out of the South and Uncle Luke did his thing with the booty shake music out of Miami. But as far as emcees, there wasn’t really any artists out of the South yet. Not a whole lot anyway. So N.W.A., Ice Cube, that was my sh*t. He had some classic albums. He definitely marks a generation.

Let me get Andre 3000. Andre 3000 is a creative genius. I don’t know if anybody can approach the story with his perspective. He’s Southern but very introspective. He’s very ahead of his time. He made a lot of classic music that defined our city.

Number four is UGK (Pimp C & Bun B). Rest in peace to Pimp C. He’s another one of a kind rapper that broke the mold. He was such a tremendous spirit and I loved his personality. Vocally and originality, he’s one of the best ever to me.

This is a killer a** question. I think my boy’s gonna go down so let me put Fabolous up there. Fab has been very commercially successful and kind of came right after the whole “bling-bling” era, that money, h*es and clothes era. But even though he makes popular music, the punchlines and the way he rhymes? They’re so ill. Most rappers will rap the last word but he’ll rhyme like the last eight words of a rhyme and just do it for a whole 16. He just makes really dope songs. He’ll make a radio hit without sacrificing what he’s about.

My last one’s got to be Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob. That’s Dungeon Family right there. Cee Lo is actually the most slept on artist. It’s a tie between him and Rich Boy. Cee Lo starting to get his props with the singing and pop music sound. But as far as the emcee skills and spitting, he never got his props.

I want to end this with Ludacris. Ludacris’ versatility is almost untouchable. I don’t think there’s anybody that can match his punchlines, metaphors, jokes, roasts, telling stories, making songs about coming up and all that. Ludacris always delivers on his tracks…Many people reach out to him. He’s not a pop rapper, he’s a true rapper.

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