Bubba Sparxxx Lights Up Ugly Tax Debt, Reveals Owing “Hundreds Of Thousands”

Bubba Sparxxx Lights Up Ugly Tax Debt, Reveals Owing “Hundreds Of Thousands”

Southern rapper Bubba Sparxxx has stepped forward to address making recent headlines for owing nearly $30,000 to the government and said his debt is actuallly bigger than people think.

According to Sparxxx, he plans to handle the legal matter and wipe away the hefty tax debt.

Bubba Sparxxx doesn’t just owe $30,000 in back taxes to the State of Georgia, he owes hundreds of thousands to the Federal Government — but the rapper tells TMZ, he’s finally changing his deadbeat taxpayer ways. TMZ broke the story — the State of Georgia is now garnishing Bubba’s wages to cover his $29,266 debt to the state … but Bubba tells us, that’s just the tip of the iceberg … his debt to the IRS is roughly ten times that amount. As for why he let it get so bad — Bubba tells us, “I was having a good time and just wasn’t attentive to a lot of issues. My main issue was Mr. Tax Man, which I neglected because of doing things I had no business doing.” Bubba claims he’s now turning his life around — saying, “This past year I have now changed all of that. I have stopped partying and hanging out … I got a tax lawyer and a business accountant to get my tax situation handled.” Bubba adds, “I plan on paying my debt with my new album.” Good luck. (TMZ)

Over the weekend, reports of his $29,000 tax debt emerged online.

Bubba Sparxxx once rapped, “I ain’t choose to rhyme, rhymin’ chose me” — now you can add “paying his taxes” to the list of things Bubba has chosen not to do … TMZ has learned. According to documents filed in Georgia, the former Timbaland protege — whose biggest song, “Ugly,” came out in 2001 — owes $29,266.88 in back taxes from the year 2006. It was originally only about $15k … but interest and fees have nearly doubled his debt. The State of Georgia is now garnishing Bubba’s wages through BMI, a music company that dishes out royalties to artists. From March through May of this year, the state has already grabbed $3,622.45 … which represents all the money Bubba was owed by BMI. (TMZ)

A few months ago, he hit up SOHH and talked about getting his career back into place.

“I’d say I’m about sixty to seventy percent done with the album as far as putting together the concepts and the sounds,” Bubba told SOHH. “That’s really what’s held me up for so long, the sound was all over the place. But I feel like I have it all situated now. I’ll probably record another ten more songs and take five out of them. I’ve gotta be honest, from the past six months to year, I’ve really begun to start having fun again. I went out to Los Angeles and kicked it with Polow Da Don who is like a brother to me. I stayed out there with him for about six months, really balled out and I got a chance to really be around him because he’s so energized as far as the process of making music. That really rubbed off on me. We got in there [to the studio] and worked on things. His passion is definitely contagious and just the lifestyle. We were kicking it and it really reinvigorated me.” (SOHH)

Recently, Bubba’s “I’m Back” music video premiered online.

The white rapper (no, not Slim) that had promiscuous girls and their church-going Aunties shaking what God gave them through the best bart of the early ’00s returns. It’s been three long years (six if you date back to an actual album) since we’ve heard Bubba Sparxxx and his unabashed hick rhymes, and now the Georgia-native announces his comeback with “I’m Back” and its accompanying video. They say rap music makes money, but clearly not making rap music yields profit too as Bubba grabs a couple of high-end Lamborghini’s to play (the much-needed) eye candy in the new clip. It’s not a terrible effort at a comeback from the rapper made famous for his Timbaland-backed “Ugly,”, but Paul Wall kinda demolished the lane for fat, Southern white dudes a few years ago. (Soul Culture UK)

Check out Bubba Sparxxx’s “I’m Back” music video down below:

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