Bubba Sparxxx Busted At Hooters On Drug Charges, Posts $2K Bail

Bubba Sparxxx Busted At Hooters On Drug Charges, Posts $2K Bail

Southern rapper Warren “Bubba Sparxxx” Mathis was reportedly arrested earlier this week on drug possession charges in Florida.

The “Ms. New Booty” hitmaker was busted while at the restaurant Hooters.

Like most people, rapper Bubba Sparxxx doesn’t go to Hooters for the wings … he allegedly goes there to pick up illegal narcotics. Sparxxx — who sang the Timbaland produced song “Ugly” a while back — was arrested Sunday (May 17) night at a Clearwater, Fla. Hooters after an off-duty police officer allegedly spotted someone handing him drugs. (TMZ)

He reportedly agreed to being searched by police.

Sparxxx, 32, lives in Clearwater. An off-duty officer witnessed another suspect pass Sparxxx the narcotic Tranxene at 2800 Gulf to Bay Blvd., the address of a Hooters restaurant, Sunday night. Sparxxx agreed to a search and the items were found in his wallet, authorities say. (Tampa Bay News)

Despite the arrest, Sparxxx was released within 24 hours.

Rapper Bubba Sparxxx was arrested on a felony narcotics charge. Authorities say they found the items in his wallet after agreeing to a search. The musician posted a $2,000 bond on Monday. He nor his agents could be reached for comment. (Miami Herald)

The rapper’s latest solo project was 2006’s The Charm.

2003’s Deliverance, was an introspective album that found favor with critics but failed to sway the public. OutKast member Big Boi was a big fan of the album and felt it should have been a hit, and that it was just handled improperly by the label. He came to the rescue by signing Sparxxx to his new Purple Ribbon imprint and releasing the rapper’s third album, The Charm, in 2006. (All Music)

No further information has been released to the media as of today (May 22).

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