Brother Ali Speaks Out After Occupy Homes Protest Arrest

Brother Ali Speaks Out After Occupy Homes Protest Arrest

Rapper Brother Ali is speaking out after making late week headlines for getting arrested in Minnesota amongst others for taking part in an Occupy Homes protest.

Brother Ali hopped on Twitter Friday (June 22) and explained what went down in Minnesota.

“Just got home from jail. 13 of us arrested showing solidarity with the Cruz family and Occupy Homes worldwide. The struggle continues,” he tweeted June 22nd.

“Please do some research and read up on the Cruz family and how PNC bank had treated them.”

“This is a national and global epidemic. Millions of hardworking families didn’t just DECIDE to loose their homes and slide into poverty.”

“The banks are destroying our society on so many levels and the increase of foreclosures is one of the most blatant examples.”

“Banks intentionally made bad loans, sold them to investors knowing they’d fall apart, bet against them and made trillions.”

“Now they’re sending our police force to pull hard working families out of their homes. People who WANT to pay their mortgages.”

“There are precious few elected officials doing their part but they’re outnumbered. Common people have to press the issue.” (Brother Ali’s Twitter)

Details of the Minnesota-based rapper’s arrest surfaced online Friday morning.

Twin Cities rapper Brother Ali was among the protesters arrested Thursday evening at an Occupy Homes MN rally in Minneapolis. Brother Ali, whose full name is Ali Douglas Newman, was one of 13 reportedly arrested at the Cruz family’s home on the 4000 block of Cedar Avenue in south Minneapolis. Brother Ali was arrested on charges of trespassing and refusing to depart. His $50 was posted about four hours after he was processed at Hennepin County Jail. (CBS Local)

A police official said Ali and other protestors refused to cooperate.

Minneapolis police spokesman Bill Palmer said Ali and the 12 others were warned not to cross onto the property from the sidewalk and boulevard, where other protesters stood. “They all did so voluntarily, and were made aware of the consequences,” he said. “It was very peaceful.” Ali lives near the house. “Both the police and the protesters were so Minnesotan, in terms of how polite everyone was,” he said. (Star Tribune)

His publicized arrest centered on protesting for a family cause.

“The Cruz family is from Minneapolis. They were told by PNC bank officials that nothing could really be done to save their home against foreclosure. All they really want is to be able to live comfortably and peacefully in their home again. Their story has gained national recognition, and the Cruz family home has been the site of many protests. (Digital Journal)

Check out a past Brother Ali interview below:

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