BREAKING: DMX Catches Lucky Break, Released From Jail Early

BREAKING: DMX Catches Lucky Break, Released From Jail Early

Troubled rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons has reportedly caught a lucky break in his 90-day jail sentence by being released after serving less than three weeks behind bars.

According to reports, X was released from jail sometime today.

DMX has just been released from an L.A. jail … after serving 18 days of a 90-day sentence stemming from a reckless driving conviction in 2002. Before X began his sentence, the rapper said he was dedicated to taking “steps toward regaining everything I’ve lost. FYI — Lindsay Lohan also had a 90-day sentence … but she got out in 14 days. (TMZ)

Details on X’s decision to turn himself over to authorities landed online last month.

DMX turned himself in to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse on Monday afternoon (July 26) at about 2:30 p.m. to begin serving a 90-day sentence stemming from a 2002 reckless driving charge, according to his attorney. X was arrested for DUI way back in ’02, but reached a plea deal for a lesser charge of reckless driving, the rapper’s lawyer, Aja Southern, told MTV News. Southern alleged that a series of events, including X having to serve time in an Arizona jail on an unrelated charge, had caused her client to postpone his L.A. sentence. (MTV)

Prior to beginning his sentence, X recorded a video speaking on the decision.

“What’s going on today is that I’m going to turn myself in…Me and my crew, we came to the conclusion that would be best. It was something that happened years ago, a driving infraction…I like L.A., I like the fans, I like to come out here to work. I wanna get that over with…It’s one of the first steps in regaining everything I lost…My relationship with God has gotten so much stronger. He’s always had his hand on me. He always guided me. I didn’t always go where he wanted me to go. But he always had me. Now that I’m actually listening and being obedient, life is so much better.” (All Hip Hop)

On a recent tribute called “From Me To You,” Ruff Ryders’ Drag-On promised to hold X down as he served a three month sentence.

“I can’t stand the way they talk about the dog,” he raps, “I’m speaking on behalf of X, f*ck all y’all/Because I remember when that n*gga used to lock jaws/All y’all motherf*ckers suck c*ck and balls/The next disrespect, getting punched in the mouth/And when I bring him back, I’ma point cha out/Like, ‘He said it, she said it,’ and how you want ‘em hanging/ all you gotta do is say it — X, f*ck what they saying, I’m every day praying, you come back biting until then I’ma hold this motherf*cking lighter/ And try to set fire to everything I touch/ I’ma smoke n*ggas for you, and bring you back the dutch/ Plus bring you back a bone so you can nibble on that/ And get the taste of blood, maybe that’ll bring you back, homie, yeah the love is like that, homie…” (“From Me To You”)

Listen to Drag-On’s “From Me To You” below:

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