BREAKING: C-Murder Sentenced To 10 Years, Pleads “No Contest” To Attempted Murder

BREAKING: C-Murder Sentenced To 10 Years, Pleads “No Contest” To Attempted Murder

Rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller has reportedly pleaded “no contest” to attempted murder charges and will be sentenced to ten years in prison.

The decision was made Wednesday (May 27) afternoon.

Rapper C-Murder has pleaded no contest to two counts of attempted second-degree murder. In the plea agreement, C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, will be sentenced by the judge to 10 years in prison. The formal sentencing will be August 25th. (WAFB News)

While the initial jury selection process began yesterday (May 26), jurors had not yet been chosen.

Jury selection finally got under way Tuesday in Miller’s attempted murder trial, nearly eight years after the rapper allegedly tried to shoot two men at a Baton Rouge nightclub. In the Baton Rouge case, Miller is accused of trying to shoot the owner of Club Raggs and a bouncer. Jury selection will resume today. No jurors were picked Tuesday. Three dozen of the nearly 50 potential jurors being questioned said they have heard of Corey Miller. The trial is expected to last until Friday,state District Judge Tony Marabella said. (2TheAdvocate)

A majority of the potential jurors were familiar with the rapper which caused an extended jury-selection process.

Judge Tony Marabella of the 19th Judicial District greeted about 45 prospective jurors. And then Marabella asked whether anyone knew the defendant, Corey Miller. “Mr. Miller is a rap artist, or a hip-hop artist, if the terminology is correct,” Marabella said. “He sometimes goes by C-Miller. He sometimes goes by C-Murder.” In the crowded courtroom, 37 people raised their hands, setting in motion an extended jury-selection process that is scheduled to resume Wednesday. (The Times-Picayune)

The attempted murder lawsuit was initially placed on hold for a later date.

A Baton Rouge judge has placed on hold a nightclub owner’s lawsuit against Miller until a murder charge against Miller is resolved in Jefferson Parish. He is accused of trying to shoot two men, including the owner of Club Raggs, in August 2001. Club Raggs owner Norman Sparrow sued Miller for damages after the alleged incident. Miller faces attempted second-degree murder charges in Baton Rouge and a second-degree murder charge in Jefferson. State District Judge Kay Bates said the stay is necessary to protect Miller’s constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Nola News)

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