Brandy Sued Over 2006 Car Crash, Plaintiff Says Singer Was “Reckless”

R&B superstar Brandy Norwood has been sued for negligence and violation of statute over her publicized 2006 car crash in California.

According to TMZ, Donald Lite filed the lawsuit against Brandy claiming she was careless while driving which ultimately resulted in a massive wreck and car pileup in Los Angeles.

“[Brandy drove] at an excessive speed for conditions, failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to maintain a safe distance,” the lawsuit reads. “As a direct and proximate result of the negligence, carelessness and recklessness — the plaintiff suffered serious and permanent injuries all of which have caused, and continue to cause pain, suffering and nervousness.”

Detailing medical consultation and numerous treatments required as a result of the crash, Lite is also suing for driving violations incurred.

While no specific amount has been stated, Lite is requesting “general damages in excess of the minimal,” “cost of medical care,” “loss of wages,” and more. No trial date has been announced as of today (December 16).

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