Brandy Envies Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Love, “They’re Like My Favorite Couple”

Brandy Envies Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Love, “They’re Like My Favorite Couple”

R&B singer Brandy has opened up about her romance woes, admitting her admiration of Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s relationship revealed what she is looking for in a man.

Admitting is she currently single and looking for a mate, Brandy explained why Jay-Z and Beyonce’s two-year marriage has impressed her.

“It’s very important to have quality time in a relationship and when you’re working all the time and you’re going and moving it’s kind of hard to make that time. But once you learn that balance; that your career is just as important as love– and love is just as important as your career you find a way. I mean, look at Jay-Z and Beyonce. They are always working but they are always together too, but they find a way. They’re like my favorite couple so I have to bring them up [laughs.] You have to find a way and that’s what I’m trying to tell Ray this season. I’m not in anyway saying just give up everything and just focus on family. But, balance it out because you need one to kind of inspire the other. When I was on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ I was imagining my dude in the audience cheering for me. I wanted him to be there but he was nowhere to be found. Love inspires you especially if your significant other is driven and motivated and got their own thing going–you can inspire each other.” (VIBE)

As far as what she looks for in a man, Brandy stated that she desires an intellectual but humorous companion.

“He has to be smart, he has to be able to stimulate me mentally– that’s important. I love to laugh, so he’s got to be able to make me laugh, and I like to have fun and I’m very spontaneous. I love being a big kid and affection and love is so important to me. He has to have a love for his family and children, all of the great things that all women want in a man. And I’d like my next guy to have a little edge to him– he can’t be corny [laughs.] Also he has to be somebody who loves music. And I’d love to find somebody I can teach, who can teach me, so we can learn from each other–basically somebody who can make me a better person.” (VIBE)

Last week, R&B singer Keri Hilson admitted to being a hopeless romantic.

“Every person has one,” says the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer, who is currently on the dating scene. “My breaking point… I mean, there are many. We, as women, are such hopeless romantics, and I know I’m one of them and I tolerate a bit more than I should just wanting to make a relationship work. Just wanting to be held at night. Wanting to be on dates and be a woman, you know? … If we’re in a committed relationship, not only do you step out and cheat, you had unprotected sex and had a baby out of the situation. That is like the ultimate. ‘OK, you cheated? Maybe we can work it out.’ … So a child is born of this side relationship you had, and I just probably could not do that.” (Rap-Up)

Last year, female rap star Nicki Minaj said preferred to focus on her career than to search for a mate.

“I have no dating life, I can only hope and wish and imagine and fantasize,” she said in an interview. “They demand too much. In life there’s always going to be one thing that takes precedence, and when you’re as hungry as I am you have tunnel vision. So I can’t really cater to a dude right now — I love them and I think they’re cute, but I can’t do what they want me to do for them right now. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. I really want to go there and just lay on the beach. Then, also, I could have the other rap girls feed me fruit–since they don’t have anything to do right now! [Laughs.] Strawberries, grapes, watermelon, and pineapple. I so know that part is going to make the interview.” (Complex)

Check out some past footage of Brandy down below:

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