Bow Wow Unleashes His Biggest Childhood Fear [Video]

Bow Wow Unleashes His Biggest Childhood Fear [Video]

Cash Money Records rapper Bow Wow recently revealed his biggest childhood fear and what foods will never make it onto his dinner plate.

Despite rocking braids throughout the start of his music career, Bow Wow said hair had him shook as a child.

“My biggest fear as a child was hair, believe it or not,” he tells Fuse. “As a child I had a whole bunch of hair. It was weird. I had braids all the way down to my back. What scared me about hair was that it could fall out and be all over the floor.” As an adult, though, he still fears certain foods, namely collard greens. “I don’t do well with collard greens,” he says. “I don’t like greens. I don’t like okra. I could be here all day telling you what I don’t like.” (FUSE TV)

Outside of fears, the youthful rap veteran recently discussed his status on Cash Money amid feud-fueled rumors.

“Moving to Miami helped me. It helped me find myself as a man. Now things are coming naturally. I’m in Cash Money Records, a place I wanted to sign with. Now I am at my peace, and when peace is in my life I am at my best. That’s when it’s real scary for my competition, because then I feel I am invincible,” Bow Wow said in an interview. “[What’s it like with the YMCMB family?] They aren’t only good people, but good artists as well. We all help each other out, so as long as we do that we can make the label and brand even bigger. That’s what we are about.” (Daily Nebraskan)

Last month, speculation developed on Bow Wow’s Cash Money woes.

I never fully understood where Bow Wow fit in the Cash Money machine. But, wherever that is, its not on the inside of the clique. It seems like Bow Weezy is doing is own thing and not doing such a bad job. The only thing is its not with the rest of YMCMB. He’s out doing just about everything on his own, which is not good. Meanwhile Wayne is killin’ em with the anticipation of dedication. Rhymes with Snitch gathered the tweets and surmised the lil’ homey’s inner thoughts that were put on Twitter. No emo. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Back in summer 2011, Bow Weezy hit up SOHH and spoke on fatherhood.

“Fatherhood is beautiful, know what I mean? I can’t complain, it made me a better rapper, and a better man,” Bow Wow told SOHH. “It made me see life differently. Clearly. It made me turn into a man overnight. I love it. It gets kinda difficult to [spend time in public] because fatherhood is kinda the hot story that’s around me right now, everybody wants to know [about us]. I was out in L.A. and everybody’s trying their best to get pictures of my daughter, so you know, it’s not easy.” (SOHH)

Check out Bow Wow’s interview below:

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