Bow Wow Tells Uncle Sam Cha-Ching Over Tax Woes, “If I Wasn’t Good, Then My Black A** Would’ve Been In Jail”

Bow Wow Tells Uncle Sam Cha-Ching Over Tax Woes, “If I Wasn’t Good, Then My Black A** Would’ve Been In Jail”

Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow has stepped up to address recent publicized tax woes reports and promised he is back on good terms with Uncle Sam.

Downplaying its seriousness, Bow Wow said even rappers unknowingly fall behind with taxes.

“H*ll yeah! [Laughs] Word up. Tell ‘em blog that! Yeah I wrote that check, tell ‘em blog that,” Bow Wow said when asked if he would like to confirm not having any legal or tax issues as of now. “People be forgetting, celebrities we work. I’m in the studio, I’m on a movie set, I have a million things for me to worry about. That’s just something like ‘Oh s–t, I forgot.’ You need that [check]? That’s the situation, but I’m all good. If I wasn’t good then my black a– would’ve been in jail! (Hip Hop Wired)

Back in November, reports emerged online claiming Bow Wow owed nearly $100,000 to the government.

Bow Wow is all grown up now, but just because he’s a lil older … doesn’t mean he’s learned how to pay off Uncle Sam — he owes almost six figures in back taxes, this according to court documents. A tax lien filed in Florida by the federal government says the rapper, real name Shad Gregory Moss, owes the government $91,105.61 for unpaid taxes from the year 2006. A pair of magical sneakers won’t solve this problem. (TMZ)

Days prior, he inked a blog post calling out TMZ and other gossip blogs over financial accusations.

“Its two ten in the morning and im up watching Soul Train. Before I get into what I came here for, TMZ saying they are about to run a story on me thats once again “Not True” as I’m sitting in my beautiful condo as of RIGHT NOW that they said i dont have anymore. (Bow Wow with no home thats like a whore that doesn’t like d**k) We all know not to believe anything the media writes or blogs its their job to entertain the minds of the simple minded.” [sic] (Bow Wow Underrated Blog)

Outside of legal woes, the Cash Money star is currently preparing to drop his upcoming Underrated LP next month.

“ATTENTION! @BowWow’s Cash Money Debut “Underrated” Album Will Be Released June 12th! YMCMB” (YMCMB Promotions’ Twitter)

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