Bow Wow Takes On The Political System, “They Want Us To Be Dumb & Not Want Us To Know What’s Going On”

Bow Wow Takes On The Political System, “They Want Us To Be Dumb & Not Want Us To Know What’s Going On”

Rapper Bow Wow has resorted to speaking on his political views by using Twitter as a means to address his problems with the government.

While not naming a particular branch, Bow Weezy said he found faults in what people are informed of by the government.

“They want us to be dumb and not want us to know whats going on,” he wrote Wednesday (March 3) morning. “The more clueless we are the better they look. (government)” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

Last January, Game used Twitter to voice his thoughts on the positive and negative effects of the education system.

“After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult ?,” he wrote Monday (January 25). “Cuz I swear I can’t remember half the sh*t in them History books, my writin still sloppy, & I aint seen a microscope since science class ! well, sex education was MOST definitely appreciated !…I think school was a government’s plot to keep track of us & program our lives. up at 7, out at 3pm five days a week. caught in the matrix but as a parent, I just dropped my kids off @ school & ah getta break from em’ .. them 2 dudes is animals ! I get it, school is a babysitter Martin Luther King said: “The reason we in school 13 yrs is because, that’s how long it takes to DESTROY a child’s mind” .#nuffsaid but kids, STAY IN SCHOOL. we all gotta do it……. Aye, but I’m from Compton so maybe it was just our school system that aint really do sh*t for us. My teachers wore khaki suits n ere’thang.” (Game’s Twitter)

Bow Wow recently spoke on his aim to top LL Cool J‘s success in the music industry.

“I cant believe im not 23 yet and im on my 8th album. Say what ya want, but it hasnt been another youngin to do dis since MJ and LL,” he wrote Tuesday (February 16). “LL cool J is my idol. i have to pass him. i see none of these other young boys as comp. I want what LL got. he at 13 im at 8. And even sum still front, dont act like u was harlem shaking, wearing ya braids and bandannas to the side gnr hahahaha @BLACKOKONVICT ok name another youngin who since them 2 that has done it big. no f*ck it. name me sum 1 at 5 who started and are still here? @BLACKOKONVICT n*gga who you think the kid was on Doggystyle on snoop album me. who was on tour with Boss and Onyx? me n*gga. gnr hahaha @BLACKOKONVICT naw wayne wasnt 5. n*gga u old enuff to remember Arsenio hall. I was rapping on there. boy u betta do yo research.” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

The rapper signed to Cash Money Records last summer.

“To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect,” he wrote on a blog posting Tuesday (August 18) night. “I know that over the years I’ve put many of my faults on display which I make no excuses for. I’m young and I’ve made mistakes and I will make more. No different than any other 22 year old, I still have some growing up to do…To anyone who’s confused or says I don’t belong in Cash Money. Let me remind you that I’ve been down with Baby, Slim, Wayne and the whole Cash Money family from the beginning. 10 years ago when we really were ‘Lil’ me and Wayne did a song for the Hardball movie soundtrack.” (Global Grind)

Check out recent Bow Wow footage below:

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